Right but at what stage do they make that call? Did they think he was going to die?

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Right but at what stage do they make that call? Did they think he was going to die?

That could well be so yes, i will search more on it

In the Netherlands these are the conditions

The argumentation must in any case include:

  • it concerns compassionate (people that are not likely to be cure)cases where there is no registered alternative medicine
  • that the aforementioned criteria are met and there is a need to set up a compassionate use program
  • an overview of the available (pre-) clinical data and, if necessary, quality data
  • an overview of the ongoing studies and how the company guarantees that the compassionate use program does not influence these studies
  • information at which stage the registration process is (there should be a prospect of early registration) and whether the registration file has been submitted to the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP)
  • whether the CHMP has issued an advice for a compassionate use program.

Yeah. I have to imagine they were concerned he could die. And I suppose the novel-ness helped justify.
It’s concerning because they reported him as “fine”, but never reported how he declined on day 9 into pneumonia. I also had not heard much about these vomiting and diarrhea symptoms.

Russia Coronavirus center closed in Chelyabinsk region due to residents’ protests

It looks to me for now that it’s the fastest way for a company to legitimally test on humans, with the possible outcome that it helps the patient. I haven’t read further about whether the patient was healthy or not

it will be true​:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Oh I read the case study. He declined day 9 into serious pneumonia after being mostly fine previously.

I read it too. As of day 5 he began to have lower oxigene saturation levels, and the lungscans showed inflammation on left lung lower part

Yup - lots of other anecdata about that being the course of the illness. Lots of people are “fine” for 5-10 days then it gets really bad.


Now that’s a citadel

#資訊 【強制檢疫令前最後一天】
武漢新型冠狀病毒疫情持續,香港週六(8日)凌晨起實施新措施,所有經大陸入境的人,須接受 14 天強制檢疫,導致在強制檢疫令生效前的最後一日出現「湧港潮」,在這樣擠逼環境下,最容易傳播病毒。# 信息 [The last day before the mandatory quarantine order]
[Chonggang Tide Appears in China Port]
New coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan continues. New measures will be implemented in Hong Kong on Saturday (8th). All people entering China will be subject to 14 days of compulsory quarantine. In such a crowded environment, it is easiest to spread the virus.

常州梧桐苑这老人不戴口罩还出口出手伤人,最后在派出所罚写"出门要戴口罩"一百遍 The old man in Changzhou Indus Garden did not wear a mask but also shot his hand to hurt others. At the police station, he wrote “Wear a mask when going out” a hundred times.

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