Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

⤺ reposted by @0x1mkDhN from Yuri Orlov, Bold Champion of Soviet Dissidents, Dies at 96

Rest in Peace. Thank you for the warnings, Mr. Orlov, so that we could see and not fall for the deceptions. #yuriwasright

Middle school student achieved nuclear fusion in his family playroom

:arrow_up: The Sky Is Not The Limit

Trucking fleets prep for potential severe driver shortage

It leaked

We will stream it


U.S. faces shortage of up to 8 billion meals in next 12 months, leading food bank says - The Washington Post


But The issue are the ramifications of politics wars seized by foreign agents.

CoG has been discussed heavily the last 48 hours.

People assume CoG is POTUS and forgets it applies to Judicial and Senate too

CoG depends of what happens, remember we do not control the reactions, we can only forecast scenarios and prepare for all of them.

This is Hollywood right now

Recon teams are assessing and forecasting damages, Looting last night were on empty stores.

People attacked stores boarded up and got empty handed, nothing to take from them. No one is reporting it on MSM

If you can, try to avoid going shopping before the announcement if you want to avoid panic buying I’m being told.

Look for the list of high rank officials reporting been out of the public eye, that is “where are the CEO’s” government edition. (Underground)

Shit even Police Frequency got the leak

He’s going silent

No reason for the most popular cop telegram channel to go incognito when maybe the biggest Dept of Justice announcement is tomorrow

Hmm :thinking: I might watch Greenland again tonight

I did last night. …

Proven that after watching it several times you identify key behaviours you didn’t noticed before

Yes I saw it 4 times now. Each something new I notice

Goes for all of you! Our Wizard Guardians encourage multiple viewings

Let me give you one key behavior no one has commented in Doom

When the wife is taken to the senior officer and tries to plead her case, the officer said her own family wasn’t selected. That team is fully aware they are going to die and still are manning their posts guaranteeing the survival of the rebuild team.

People turn from nice to animals in a blink of an eye

That’s why I want you all prepared

Not wasting time on politics

Focused on skills

Thank you

Not rabbit holes

Lots of things are happening tonight

Behind the scene

Here in the Philippines not so easy. But should be OK after the advice I read daily

Indeed wise clarity

Even the Chinese Preppers emphasize

“As long as you know more information than others, your chances of survival will be higher than others.”

What can department of justice announce that will be very important?

That part was not instructed to me or I have been told yet

What was emphasized to me was to keep watching the Sky (Air Traffic Control) and connected dots regarding absences and Continuity of Government procedures.