Reposting in case anyone missed it. Remember this is just the start of act 3.

Reposting in case anyone missed it. Remember this is just the start of act 3.

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I was just about to post this as well! I couldn’t remember if it had been shared here. Let’s see what bones the media tries to dig up to have enough dirt to bury this bombshell in

To the Lake | Netflix Official Site

Very creepy Disclosure series that shows what the Russian response to a pandemic looks like. Is this a synapsis of Covid-19 handling protocol, or a glimpse at Coronavirus-20?? :thinking::astonished::scream::flushed::grimacing:

Next (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

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:point_up_2:Watching all the disclosure like:

Next -
The series centers on the efforts of a homeland cybersecurity team to counter “a rogue AI with the ability to constantly improve itself”.

A Force From “Nothing” Used to Control and Manipulate Objects – SciTechDaily

Norway officially accuses Russia for cyberattacks on parliament (2020)

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Is a cure for COVID-19 already sold at a pharmacy near you? Some experts believe so - World News -

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'If one of these things hits another large object, now you have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of objects.”

Oh darn. This is very likely going to happen. No wonder they didn’t want Greenland. Prolly higher chances than the 20% odds they admit to but they don’t want to alarm the public.

Best case scenario

Might mess up working satellites. “Some debris objects would get a net positive delta-velocity which will send them to higher apogee.” - Jonathan McDowell, Astronomer

Time: 6-7 pm Pacific Time Thursday Evening. Tomorrow night. I wish I had a bunker. This could be nothing if it misses, of course. They are saying 20% chance of hit but it is likely way more because they don’t want to alarm the public. I will be very glad when it is Saturday if nothing happens. If you do have a bunker, it might be fun to take a vacation there Thursday evening :wink:

Best case scenario if it hits, more space debris.

Worst case: fragments knock out out satellite systems and cause a Domino effect, fragments are large enough not to burn up on entry, causing a high energy impact event.

2x as much mass as satellite collision in 2009 and Idk the energy differential.

00:56 UTC

Kessler Syndrome possible

Spaceship flying by Venus on Wednesday could help look for alien life - Business Insider

« NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says the main goal is to get everyone on the same page about lunar exploration and head off any future international misunderstandings or conflicts »

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell replied to a direct question from me and said no danger to the earth, just to satellite systems- Good…!!

Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50 - Scientific American

Let’s think, what other ancient structures/temples received UNESCO protection and were used as fortresses and cover in conflicts we have been involved in during the last few decades? The Ziggurats in Iraq and Iran immediately spring to mind (RIP Ziggurats).

What ancient technology was sought after in Iraq and the reason for the looting of the Baghdad Museum and the military seizure of the Ziggurats?


What ancient structures/religious temples exist in Ethiopia near Addis Ababa?

The 11 Underground Churches of Lalibela, built in the 13th century. For 800 years they have stood and protected inhabitants and sacred objects from Crusade, Jihad, World Wars, plagues, natural disasters, etc. The the walls of the churches are carved straight down 40 to 50 m deep in such a way that allows both sunlight and air to filter through. Water is accessible through wells. The churches are interconnected by a series of tunnels.

What legendary piece of ancient technology and source of ultimate power is believed to be hidden in another church a few hundred miles to the north of Lalibela?


Connect the dots October 15 might be a day we all remember

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about this article (azazil news)

The civilian survival manual in the first wave of war

any book related?

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Man I can’t stand reading all the left troll comments on his posts. Just unbelievable and angering!

Seriously. I wonder if any of them realize that they all vacillate between the same 4 or 5 small-minded statements based upon unfounded accusations and regurgitated media spin?