[Reporting Cheng Feng's mercy]

#中共國 社會動亂前夕。

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#資訊 【疫情期間禁令百出】
【舉報成風 幹部不留情】

中國新冠肺炎持續,安徽累計有九百多人確診,五人死亡。在省會合肥,當局禁止餐廳接待大規模聚餐活動,避免疫情擴散。一家位於合肥步行街的燒烤店,懷疑違反禁令被舉報,幹部上門查辦並聲言找記者拍攝,店主苦勸無果,消息指該店後來被罰款十萬元人民幣 # 信息 【100 bans during epidemic】
[Reporting Cheng Feng’s mercy]

New crown pneumonia in China continues, with more than 900 people diagnosed in Anhui and five dead. In Hefei, the provincial capital, the authorities banned restaurants from hosting large-scale dinner gatherings to avoid the spread of immunity. A barbecue shop located in Hefei Pedestrian Street was reported as suspected of violating the ban. The cadres came to investigate and vowed to find a reporter to shoot.

#中共國 武汉市江岸区一位社区负责人的哭泣:造孽啊,人死的太多了!
“我昨天咳了一夜,据说现在的肺炎病毒已变易,可能我也被感染,我想在我还能说话的时候,将社区真实的情况说出来。# 中共 国 Crying of a community leader in Jiang’an District, Wuhan City: Oh, it’s too much to die!
“There are too many pneumonia patients infected in Wuhan, far from the government’s announcement. At least 20,000 patients in Wuhan are waiting in line for treatment.”
"I coughed all night yesterday. It is said that the pneumonia virus has now changed and I may be infected. I want to tell the real situation in the community when I can still speak.

#中共國 強行沖卡後被抓 # 中共 国 Caught after forcibly punching a cadre

#中共國 底層互害生態鏈 # 中共 国 Bottom-level mutual harm on the ecological chain

Time for part2

#中共國 黑龙江这位大姨说,你凭什么控制我们,这么多天了,我就是出来买菜。说出了实话。# 中共 国 Heilongjiang this auntie said, why do you control us, so many days, I just came out to buy vegetables. Tell the truth.

Airborne SARS-Cov-2
Corona-Unmasked part 2

#中共國 李文亮頭七




中共 国 Li Wenliang head seven

Wuhan people spontaneously present wreaths at the hospital where Li Wenliang worked
The hospital will not let the door
Let go to the designated place
But not allowed to take pictures
Do not let camera

What are they afraid of
They are afraid of a tide of memorial
Afraid to evoke people to spread rally

This is good!
People know to commemorate Li Wenliang

#更新 :two:「買個菜!你限制:no_entry_sign:還要出行證!
最後被5個警察給抓走了:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: #Update :two: "Buy a dish! You are restricted​:no_entry_sign: You also need a pass!
How many days have you been in control? what’s the situation? The door is not out! Why make us spend high prices! "
He was finally arrested by 5 policemen.

#中共國 心軟的人不要看這視頻。
大連,流浪漢被驅趕毆打。在以前他住在橋下,街角,現在他走到哪兒都有人驅趕。在以前他在街邊垃圾桶翻吃的,現在幾天都找不到一點食物,這就是所謂的「偉大國家」:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: # 中共 国 Don’t watch this video for people with soft hearts.
Homeless man was beaten in Dalian. He used to live under the bridge, on the street corner, and now he is driven everywhere. In the past, he rummaged in a trash can on the street, and now he ca n’t find any food for a few days.

#班农 作戰室 Pandemic】EP15-01 精選片段:與Gibson女士對談 #班农 作戰室 Pandemic】EP15-01 精選片段:與Gibson女士對談

#中共國 大疫當前,不忘擺拍。# 中共 国 Don’t forget to pose for the current pandemic.

#中共國 疫情之下 # 中国 国 Under the epidemic

这三个垃圾竟然都是院士,可见中国院士何等平庸、下贱。Three academicians are in Wuhan, two are scammers, Zhong Nanshan’s team sells herbal teas, and talks about the inflection point many times, and three times are totally wrong. Exaggerating the word is effective; Wang Chen established eleven cabin hospitals in Wuhan, causing cross-infection, and singing red songs and dancing on behalf of patients.
These three rubbish turned out to be academicians, showing how mediocre and lowly Chinese academicians are.


中国病毒就是红色病毒,野蛮病毒。:rage::rage: China epidemic area: The couple who were discharged from Wuhan after pneumonia recovered, was chased after returning to the village … I was beaten to hospital this time.

The Chinese virus is the red virus, the barbaric virus. :rage::rage:


2020年2月12号黑龙江星海湖地震引发湖面冰层上涨,涌上岸道!:scream::scream::scream::scream: There is a vision! And it keeps happening recently!
What does it mean? The CCP is about to die.

On February 12, 2020, the Xinghai Lake earthquake in Heilongjiang caused the ice on the lake to rise and land on the shore! :scream::scream::scream::scream:


10、有时候,军队与警察成为镇压老百姓的工具 :scream: Characteristics of a dictatorship:

  1. Control the news media. In order to guide public opinion, he does not hesitate to create lies and deceive the people.
  2. Promote patriotism and the party, and confuse patriotism and the party. Proudly spread the glory of the party to the Quartet.
  3. Fight against persecution of dissidents. Arrest and torture of dissidents for conspiracy to subvert state power.
  4. There is a secret police (or national security) organization dedicated to dealing with disobedient dissidents.
  5. No freedom of speech. This can be derived from the two points 3 and 4 above. For example, if anyone dares to criticize the ruler, he will not be able to eat it.
  6. Create fear. This point can be derived from three, three, four. As a result, many people dare not express their true views. Knowing to live in a lie, but dare to be angry.
  7. Corruption is serious. Because it is an autocratic party and lacks effective supervision, most of those in power are relatively corrupt. Many corrupt officials step down not because of being exposed, but because of power struggles.
  8. There is a power struggle within the ruler. The replacement of ruling power is often the result of power struggle, not democratic elections.
  9. There is no substantial democratic election. However, it is self-proclaimed democratic enough, and its political system of publicity is advanced enough.
  10. Sometimes the army and police become tools to suppress ordinary people :scream:

Lining up for water…One of the many scenes in #China during #CoronavirusOutbreak.

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 4:42 PM

#中共國 江蘇崑山,小區不讓進,房子不讓租,流落街頭的外來務工者。# 中国 国 Kunshan, Jiangsu, the neighborhood is not allowed to enter, the house is not allowed to rent, migrant workers living on the street.

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 4:57 PM
Are the bandits venting? China has always been a country without human rights.
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 4:57 PM

Striking back

#中共國 社會動亂前夕。 # 中共 国 Eve of social unrest.

The Fangcai Hospital appears to be the only fact of the CCP
Singing and dancing increase the burden on the lungs and greet death
Hu Yaobang did this job
One by one sickle and axe die, happy to be a ghost

武汉肺炎启示录 ~ 沈阳一位六旬大妈翻防疫护栏不慎摔死
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 1:01 PM
Wuhan Pneumonia Apocalypse ~ A 60-year-old aunt in Shenyang accidentally fell to death by turning over the anti-epidemic fence
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 13, 2020 1:01 PM

汉口银行党员突击作假摆拍队 Party members of Hankou Bank slammed into posing team

:alarm_clock: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:57 PM Xiaogan, Hubei
Just go out and put you on the street and kneel!
The virus will make China’s economy go backward for 30 years, and now it seems that the thinking is approaching the Qing Dynasty.
:alarm_clock: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:57 PM

WARNING :warning: Animal Cruelty

这种事在厉害国太普遍了,人权都没有,何况狗命 This kind of thing is too common in terrible countries.

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„QAnon Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic“

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