Rental prices have dropped. Great time to re-negotiate your leases

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Rental prices have dropped. Great time to re-negotiate your leases

Multi-culturalism is a scam
Rampant campus racism is a myth
Political correctness is evil
These problems always end up coming from the left, because of universities, because teachers at universities mostly tend to be far left

With the rare exception is the religious universities, but they’re rare

Universities should stop lying that they’re inclusive and open minded, and just admit the truth
Normal people are fed up with it

ARRESTED: Graham Ivan Clark, 17, was arrested in Tampa and faces 30 felony charges for scamming people across America, perpetuating the “Bit-Con” hack of prominent Twitter accounts including Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Elon Musk.
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“The more education you have, the more brainwashed you are”

“Google is the craziest (most woke insanity) of the big tech companies”

Grand Blue Wizard Theil telling it like it is

Need your help my prepper family…

(I know, i don’t say much most of the time but i do read your posts & follow links)

I saw this posted on fb earlier, and trying to find out what it’s about…

I saw it while i was in work& didn’t have much time to go research, and now trying hard to find information…

Has anyone seen anything to support this, or is someone pulling my leg?

True story. The institution becomes your religion and you become dogmatic. You fail to entertain anything outside of the realm of the institutional dogma.

One of the reasons Peter is anti college and has his own schools and fellowship

Really he does? Interesting…

Thiel Fellowship and Ad Astra

Btw, RSR is a crypto project Thiel is currently working on. You all might want to check it out. Don’t know much about it, truth be told

Nice. I’ll look into it.

Fellowship and Ad Astra train the next generation of Kid Wizards

Abracadabra will be primarily based upon these teachings

As Astra is Musk. I’m pretty sure

Founded by Both Peters

Both Peters influenced it

Who is behind Abracadabra?

Peter Thiel and Peter Diamandis


My oldest is seriously gifted. It gives me anxiety because he has so much cognitive potential I want to do everything I can to foster and support it.

No only potential he seems innately drawn to the STEM fields

Abracadabra is to give a chance to regular civilians to follow the same path Elites and Tech Elites have for their kids.

Which is to enter the Kid Wizard programs

That’s fantastic. Thanks for all you do Aries.