Remember this

Remember this

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Yeah. What about it?

So some of the formers think it’s satanic in nature

So they go around telling people who are not bitcoin indoctrinated

Saying I’m a red lol

Um… you’re joking right? This is a joke? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No I’m serious

Very cultish @AriesAzazel. I can’t believe you didn’t ask for a signup “donation”

So Sean fell for it

Satanic Pizza :pizza:
Could be a good brand name

No no


we just call it pizza, man

But it’s hilarious :laughing:

They have Lucifer pizza :pizza:

That someone like Sean fell for it

What’s not hilarious is that we went from 0 to cult and somehow that made me STARVING


I’m blue as they come

not blue enough to teach us to grow pizza indoors though

Same with Gary. Except he went further said he was going to report us all to the FBI and some other insulting stuff

They’re already in here. Wave hi!