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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for Covid-19. This looks more like an coordinated attack or?

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Perhaps a way to whisk key people away unnoticed.

I’m firmly in the politicians-rarely-admit-they’re-sick camp.

That’s been one of the key things no one is allowed to discuss - anyone’s health.

Check out her statement on Twitter, this is just not adding up. They are tested daily, and I assume their interactions are somewhat limited with all this going on right now. So how is she suddenly positive just this morning?

Mmhmm. Remotely.

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Exactly. Now everybody is calling Trump a liar, a super spreader, and enjoying the “I told you so” moment… as a political move accepting that he has covid is very clumsy, to say the least

The timing gives them away

They’re happy to take some negative PR if it means they live

Also… wtf with the joy ride? Perhaps I’ll be sent out to the disclosure chat for this comment, but what if that was a double?

if he has it, he could have waited a couple of days to accept it, and avoid the shame

And Ms.McEnany is a very skilled and effective PR pro who knows how to spin bad press so the advantage.

They’re always happy to take negative PR. It’s how they capture every news cycle. Strategy.

Only one of you figured it out, :arrow_down:

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Good Job Ro

Do I get partial credit for Fort Aww-Hell-Naw? :laughing:

I like it… Must be one of the two. Dont beleive this is a random event. Bearing in mind the timing as well