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Simona :point_up_2: know you about that? Can you confirm?

Yes :worried: they say that people have to reduce social life in this 2 city.

One world order, is ds real?


I read about the Black Death plague etc and there was one guy investigating it cause his brother died of aids he went to England and tested there DNA and said the people that survived it was because of there DNA / blood type
Negative blood types survive
Population is 90% are positive blood groups
10% is negative

Georgia guidestones say keep population at 500 million
If all the positives died right now
Only 500 million negatives would be left

Also take into consideration negative blood is a blood line royal blood and go look up with blood group politicians etc are
When people say oh the government wouldn’t create a virus / diseases that would kill them
Well they haven’t

South Korea has 204 confirmed infections now.


:point_up:t4:DOUBLING overnight.

:arrow_down: World Governments Corona plan


That’s beginning in Lebanon

Ohhhh boy…

It’s spreading faster in Iran. I think that after this point, the infected will grow exponentially :thinking:

Its in Italy

First case in Lebanon

Iran is Asian country lol

Asia minor is mainly Turkey and few countries in its neighbourhood

Starting from arab it’s asia

Eurasian is anyone in europe or asia

Iranians are asian

China, Japan and Korea are considered east asian

Turks are geographically put in asia so yes

Please don’t put murican geography here

Everybody consider Iranians asian. Wtf

See where Iran is

Now Now. Everyone. Let it go.

In asia we consider north America and south america as different continents

Coronavirus doesn’t have any boundaries. Anyway.