Reds are not hiding anymore

Reds are not hiding anymore

This is not satire. Its the Huffpost. The Death Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pushed Me To Join The Satanic Temple.

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This Guy took off from a mountain …there’s nothing there but rock

BLOCKED wtf kinda call sign is that?

Blocked landed

What’s blocked
Not Janet
Has to be special forces

For a $fee, u can block your transponder. ADSB which is very accurate. It automatically puts out N number destination etc but for a fee u can block call sign. Lot of executives dont want people to know where they are traveling.

This one is owned by Discovery Helicopters LLC. They may have had an important client that didint wanna be tracked.

Previously this helicopter was owned by Grand Canyon Tours… explains why they are in the rocks

Everyone acts like there is no virus.

When everyone is so distracted, anyone serendipitously may drop the L strain and :bomb:

Police seize 345,000 used condoms that were cleaned and sold as new

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: Damn!!! No words :no_mouth:

COVID-19 mutation may be evolving to bypass mask-wearing, hand-washing

Palantir Expected to Be Valued at Nearly $22 Billion in Trading Debut

OSIRIS-REx Begins Countdown to Touch-and-Go

Space Force: Weather OK for SpaceX’s Starlink launch from Kennedy Space Center

Army exercises in Dayton concern some residents

Uber’s new face scanning requirement for riders
— Going to be abused to the extreme.
Never let a good crisis go to waste.

All aboard the malicious deplatforming dystopia

Will be great news for the modeRNA vaccine

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That’s what I’ve been waiting for. It’s a matter of time. I figure they will wait till after elections.

That’s why I don’t get my guard down. @Aries how likely do you think and when would you think they would do it most likely timing wise?

And finally. Note the age of the helicopter … pretty old heli…

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Nothing to see…

“The training is supposed to simulate urban environments that troops might encounter while deployed, the city said.”

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80% chance in the next 39 days

More interested in this

Wow thinks are heating up, standby

Louisville / Thursday Night

I figure right now my main focus is preparing for the main shtf
Coronavirus especially L Strain
Possible Civil War or at least increased riot madness and people going off the deap end after elections
China / WW3
even attack on our our country (but mostly the attack is from within anyways because all of this is the war between the elite playing the game and with keys, we’re in the cross fires, so stay vigilant ready and prepare all those who will listen)
Crazy weather (popeye, dew, solar minimum especially winter)

So far we should be set till May and if is works may be able to get prepped into August which would be ideal.

Then keep building skills to move through the green door

Louisville / Thursday Night

More Toys :teddy_bear: are coming out

Meet the Stun Shield :shield:


wtf is that!!!

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