Redistribution Agenda

Redistribution Agenda

Timeline 20 minutes

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This is a tough one.

  1. We are considering a world in which things are very different than currently. Socialism communism capitalism all these things no longer matter. All that matters is survival
  2. And survival is of the fittest strongest and most clever.
  3. If the community is tight then they would come together and contribute human resources towards defense and production and divide the resources for survival of the community
  4. If the community is divided and fractured then its war. Redistribution is theft and the strongest most ruthless will get the resources like old school warlords.

This is an unhappy place to be in and the best bet for Morgan would be to get away from his neighbors and hide his stash with a decoy stash to give people what they think he has and keep the rest hidden. If this would even be possible at this time.

No. Personal belongings that were stockpiled are for the individual who had the foresight for such a situation. If the community comes together to have a farm, that is to be shared amongst one another. If an individual has livestock and it is deemed essential for the survival of the community, then that livestock owner gets increased rations of another necessary item.

The card does not say they turned against Morgan because he had a bigger stash. It says they are turning on each other and calling for redistribution…so what does Morgan say to them? He should remind everyone that no one has to share anything, and remind the person with a bigger stash that if they don’t help with communal projects they won’t get to share in those either.

I think working towards an exchange of energy is important while not giving in to a bureaucratic (inefficient and corrupt) governance…
An MOV can prevent theft or looting which is important but someone who has more resources can trade them with those who have less in return for input of energy on projects that can benefit the whole… build greenhouses, gardens, forage, find water, hunt, scout for more supplies, build shit, establish trade relations with farther villages…
Approaching from an energy exchange perspective can create harmonious relations which are important to establish early as it incentivizes more for the group’s survival… thieves get dealt with harshly, hoarders become targets…
To me it’s ethical to share some resources out of generosity but also to reserve some that are personal or familial exclusively and having a secret backup stash is helpful for that… life is a balance and balance will find a way even in out of balance times

point out natural resources nearby and give them a plan. People do this shit out of desperation but food/water is everywhere. They need to work together when times get hard, taking stuff from others isnt sustainable and its dangerous as fuck because some have robots and gimbals and guns (mov) :slight_smile:

Morgan’s neighbors will not listen to any “advice”. Hungry people turn into animals.

If we are dealing with a cooperative society that has always been that way, perhaps there’s a way to work a scheme where everyone wins

Otherwise I agree with Moon

Very tough situation. I would have different caches hidden in different areas, even in an egress location in case we had to flee. I would also look hungry and looking for food and water no matter what supplies I had. I would try to rally the neighbors against a greater common enemy and encourage them to hunt together and look for resources together (scavenge I guess.)

I don’t know you know every time I do something selfless the rewards come back double. And at the end of the day, I have to live with myself. I don’t see myself as a person who has a lot but every time I’m brave enough to take a risk or open up surprising things happen. If the world has gotten this bad, at this point, I think I’d be relying on more than what I had stashed and I would try and would share and let whatever unfold from that happen, which would be unknown but I’m sure it’d be better than the lone misery of being ok whilst my neighbours starved

Yeah, Moon lands a point out of the gate for sure

Persons with more resources in emergency situation should not give his resources to satisfy the rest. Specially when you are around people poorly prepared. If you are in a community which some skilled persons you could barter but without telling or disclosure your preparations, you must have MOV in order to prevent being a target of “redistributions” and keep everything hidden in meantime you evacuate to another place. Thinking in a extreme scenario of necessity reason goes away and nobody will listen -specially normies/not-skilled persons

Ok grading

+4 good job on decoy

Essential for community survival??!

No points awarded

It’s the collapse of society it’s pretty much Everyman for himself

In a survival situation we need to get along with neighbors, a fair and helping community is key and much better than going on your own, everyone has something to share or barter, either supplies, work, skills, support or cooperative protection, leechers and thieves can’t be tolerated and must be segregated. I would recommend to my neighbors to organize and to establish rules of conduct, even the worse case scenarios require leadership and someone experienced to assume the role.

+4 I’m trying to find a balance

+2 but they might not want to fend for themselves hence the calls for redistribution

Maybe this is relevant for this group ?

find more

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Good heart but what if rationing doesn’t work

Weeks or months down the line