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Yea we posted it 3 weeks ago

Ok then this next clip makes more sense

#女性医护人员集体剃光头有必要吗#?】#周刊君与你共同战疫# 近日,援助湖北的女性医护人员集体剃光头视频引发争议。这些姑娘中,有90后,有即将结婚的准新娘,为了在一线抗疫时工作方便,含泪舍弃一头长发。然而,大家对集体剃光头有许多不解,这是自愿选择还是统一要求?[#Is it necessary for female medical staff to shave their heads collectively #? ] # 周刊 君 与 你 共 战 疾 # Recently, a video of collective shaved heads of female medical personnel assisting Hubei has caused controversy. Among these girls, there are prospective brides who are about to get married after the 90s. In order to work conveniently during the first-line anti-epidemic, they gave up their long hair with tears. However, everyone has a lot of puzzles about collective shaved heads. Is this a voluntary choice or a unified requirement?

My brother is a chemical weapons specialist before he was discharged honorably also.

It is for a tighter fit

Also your hair can carry pathogens as well.

#中共國 昨天晚上武漢青山區白玉山閒逛的被抓到武鋼二醫院內集中學習,還必須繞場喊口號「青山加油」:sweat: # 中共 国 Last night, I was caught wandering in Baiyushan, Qingshan District, Wuhan. I was arrested in the Second Hospital of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group.

Makes sense, I still feel bad for the nurses

#中共國 重慶某小區,因出入權被剝奪,引發的群毆 # 中共 国 A group plot in Chongqing, which was deprived of access rights

Inside look at the Mobile incinerators

#資訊 40台移動火化爐馳援武漢 每台日燒5噸 武漢現移動式焚屍爐

新冠肺炎在湖北嚴重失控,中共當局在嚴厲審查網絡、杜絕民間流出真實信息的同時,逐日調降疫情數字。然而,大陸媒體近日爆出,近20台移動式焚屍爐,被調往武漢支援,讓真實的死亡人數,再次成為焦點。# 信息 40 mobile cremators assist Wuhan each burns 5 tons a day Wuhan is now a mobile corpse incinerator

New crown pneumonia was severely out of control in Hubei. While the Chinese authorities severely reviewed the network and prevented the outflow of real information from the people, the Chinese authorities reduced the number of outbreaks daily. However, the mainland media recently revealed that nearly 20 mobile incinerators were transferred to Wuhan for support, so that the real death toll became the focus again.

#觀點 來的不是醫療隊,救援隊,來的是防暴警察。中國人民恍然大悟,它們說的可防可控,不是指病毒,指的是反抗的人民,這個是可防可控的…… #Viewpoint It’s not the medical team, the rescue team, the riot police. The Chinese people suddenly realized that what they said was preventable and controllable, not a virus, but a rebellious people. This was preventable and controllable …

#國際 記者問:人們不相信中國政府公佈的(關於新冠肺炎的)數據,您怎麼看?

#International Reporter: People don’t believe the data released by the Chinese government (on new coronary pneumonia), what do you think?
Trump: President Xi loves the motherland and the people

POTUS has to be careful. He can’t slam China nor should he panic ppl.

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Sent you a message regarding virus manipulation and your post about Wuhan-400

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