Recovered coronavirus patients ‘may still be contagious’

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Yep… that’s obvious as far as I’m concerned. Just because you feel better, doesn’t mean the virus is dead in your body and cannot be transmitted.

People are too nonchalant…

Instead of governments playing offense with the virus, they’re playing defense.

So they are always going to be too late.

They’re saying too many updates, after the fact

Well, the fact is that the test is negative but you can continue spreading the virus. The point for a diagnose is that a negative result should be considered like a safe contact, but in this case not.
So in sanitary ambit where i work, this complication means a lot more of job and risk

Same profilaxis for infected or non infected, and no trust in a clear result of test.

Bad for sanitary personal and very bad for general people


Last briefing of WHO

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:+1: agree with that

We hear your concern.

Let’s return back to Coronavirus.

Can you explain more with coronacoin? I have no idea on cryptocurrency. Thank you


what u want to tell us with this video? that they kill people with guns? i think this are rockets from new year in the background

the second video is older than the first

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I swear this virus just is the gift that keeps on giving.
-fecal oral transmission + aerosol

  • contagious after recovery
  • highly virulent
    these are the moments I swear we live in virtual reality and some game designer had a bad day :rofl:

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bank runs reported from China

global fiat collapse imminent

@hansagan timeframe?

Would a banking “holiday” across China have financial contagion to other markets?


nobody can say, just buy BTC XRP ETH VET AGI and others

Thank you :relieved:

@hansagan two problems.

  1. access to funds (bank closed)
  2. preservation of wealth during a currency collapse

bitcoin can be transmitted via radio

Thoughts on owning gold, guns and arable farm land? :slight_smile: