@RealthingUlli @RealthingUlli this is the video I had seen from Qom Person speaking says: this is where #coronavirus victims are buried and 80 corpse have been laid to rest here while state officials claimed only 34 were killed by #COVIDー19

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Get used to it

Weekly stats for pneumonia, not all are coronavirus but some good intel for connecting the dots as again we apparently don’t have test kits or refuse to test people without coming from certain areas

Get used to being lied to by the ones in “charge”

Only way you will get through this

Note that, two months into the year, we have had almost as many total pneumonia cases as all of 2019


But I’m not a sheep

It’s over a million

Dead in China

So bury or cremate/burn if no crematorium?

I literally stopped trying to prove myself to ignorant people.

I legit had Pneumonia the 3rd week of January. No one else in my fam got it.