Real GDP Growth World Map Provided By The IMF. Red indicates less than -3% Real GDP Growth. The world is in depression.

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Im trying.

Real GDP Growth World Map Provided By The IMF. Red indicates less than -3% Real GDP Growth. The world is in depression.

Ele , we not quite there yet !
More like reshape —transformation and regrowth

JetBlue flight from Boston’s Logan Airport to LAX returns an hour after take-off

NASA wants to buy Moon rocks from private companies - The Verge

Why Citigroup’s CEO is retiring earlier than expected, paving the way for the first woman to run a major U.S. bank

Planetary Society Grant Winner Discovers… | The Planetary Society

:arrow_up: “the asteroid will miss our planet by 40 million kilometers as it passes on 10 September 2020”

NFL’s Josh Bellamy Arrested For COVID Loan Fraud, Allegedly Blew Money on Gucci

Truck drivers ‘fearful’ of whether they’ll find open, clean facilities as they travel through Pa.

Century 21 files for bankruptcy and will close all of its stores

A convoy of armored shock vehicles on the streets of Puerto Ordaz informs people in the gas lines that there will be no gas available until next week. #Venezuela

Cars and houses destroyed by flood in El Limón

A man carried by the strong currents of the El Limón River

Corpses carried away

Military helicopters try to put out a fire in the Port of #Beirut. #information

Video captured from inside one of the Warehouses next to the fire in #Beirut Port, #Lebanon. Clear view of tires stacked on the floor and on the shelves.

Something is up in Jordan

King Abdullah we hope your people are ok

Earlier Today: Strong winds knock semi-trucks down a highway in #Utah.



150 Big Businesses Warn Mayor of ‘Widespread Anxiety’ Over N.Y.C.’s Future

Ok let’s do news regarding the riots in Colombia :colombia:

Graphic: Bogotá is being shaken by a popular revolt after the police killed a young man. In the video, a person is run over while fleeing the police. In Colombia, #colombialivesmatter is on the rise

Riots in Colombia: the prison scene shocked the country. Victim Javier Ordoñez died after being knocked down by two policemen who gave him long shocks with his tasers.

Motorcycle cop knocked off his bike in Bogata

Police killed a lawyer in Colombia sparks protests and leaves at least seven dead
Javier Ordóñez was a victim of the excessive use of force, in an episode that recalls the death of African American George Floyd. Conflict between protester and police leads to chaos in the Colombian capital.


Nine people died in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, and in the satellite city of Soacha, after violent night protests against police brutality, while city officials asked residents to stay home on Thursday night.

Several cases of extreme police violence sparked widespread chaos in Bogotá.

Today, while a young man was cycling home from Fontibon, Bogotá, the police illegally detained him and beat him.

This has all happened in a 48 hour time period

Amazon: profit increased 100%
Walmart: profit increased 80%
Goal: profit increased 80%
Lowe’s: profit increased 74%
Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: shares in record high
Small businesses: 21% closed; profit of the rest fell 30%.
We are seeing a monumental transfer of wealth from small businesses to conglomerates.

Don’t get mad at them!

Always recognize the ability to create a monopoly

Competition is for losers

Out of the Bunch, 3 are Wizards :mage:‍♂

Bill Gates is not a Wizard

Never has, never will be

You have to change your mindset and think like Wizards do


Orbital Laser (DEW) goes brrrrrr

Recap :colombia: #colombia

Postcard stamped in 1920 delivered 100 years later

News finally got out

Palantir Moves Headquarters to Denver from Silicon Valley

So close to Denver International Airport :thinking::confused::open_mouth::astonished::zipper_mouth_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::speak_no_evil:

Not a safe place to be right now :fire:

Lol that’s the safest place in America


Fires are not underground


Guess it’ll be fine

A deer runs through the neighborhood of
looking for shelter just below the #BobcatFire burning at Rankin peak. #CaliforniaWildfires #Firewatch #wildlife

What a fucking doofus.

Monrovia, CA right now

Fires are getting close to greater LA

25 miles away from Greater Los Angeles

DIA underground transportation seemed pretty impressive to me. At least 2, if not 4+ full lines which can easily carry 10k+ people per hour each. Quite a capacity.

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Pay Attention

Connect the dots

Germany conducts first nationwide emergency warning day in decades

The writing is on the wall

Eat it Zuckerberg!!!

This is Wizardry :mage:‍♂

Say hello to Ghost :ghost:


Ex-Theranos CEO Holmes puts mental state at issue,to be examined by U.S. experts

yes its very cool…but doesnt leave me very bullish on humanity though…just another way to kill

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