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Only potato :potato:? Well they are interesting to grow and there are many varieties so that’s fun. Thank you for the reminder. :green_heart:

Also in the movie the Martian. I’m hoping greenhouses might work for other produce… maybe hydroponics rather than soil?

I think the stories focus on potatoes because you can grow a new potato plant from part of a potato.

Did you know that potatoes are now sprayed with a chemical to halt the growth of eyes? I had no idea until i noticed my russet potatoes weren’t making eyes when i couldnt find any potato “seeds” earlier this year. My sweet potatoes are like george of the jungle

I didn’t - I didn’t want potatoes. But I did grow sweet potatoes from a few leftover sweet potatoes - worked great!

Hmmm…my potatoes often get eyes :eyes:

Maybe it’s a regional thing. My goldens and sweets … no problem. My russets…nothing. i asked the nursery when i was looking for seedlings and that’s what they told me. I had never heard of that.

You can grow them from seeds too

Of course organic heirloom

:man_shrugging: idk where Costco imports them from

I was starting right during quarantine and they were sold out everywhere.


Hopefully I can get some now. Ive never had any success growing them…but that’s all me lol

I first came to this channel in February. I listened and acted on the intel i received. What i now think is normal, most people think is excessive. Do i care? Not a bit. I keep telling them to stock up on food. It IS overwhelming if you are first starting. Back in February, i told my niece…start with a month. How much food, spices, water, medical supplies, toiletries will my family need for one month? When you have a month, push for three, six, a year, etc. Act now. You do not want to wait until the panic hits. Aries has been telling us for months. Git r dun! :slight_smile: Happy Saturday! Stay safe and stay prepared.

Report Sat 10/17/2020 Flights

Yeah… if they can’t wrap their heads around it and they get judgy, I’ve just… stopped talking. Past a certain point, I realized there’s a certain utility in paring things down and ceasing contact with anyone who would be an active liability. If things get THAT bad, I don’t want anyone around me who buys into the narrative. Once they start reporting each other like what used to happen in the USSR and Stasi East Germany, what normalizing “contact tracing” is the precursor to, you’ll wish those people had lost your number. I figured if it was preemptive and silent on my part, no one would notice. I was right. You may also want to limit contact with anyone who might get aggressive or become catatonic. They could get you killed. It sounds cold, but it’s the truth.

Are you guys not afraid that telegram will also get censored soon? How is their policy. Does somebody have intel on that?

Wow! Impressive work! :facepunch:

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In certain countries or on certain operating systems, perhaps. In general, no - not worried about it.

Signal app is also working hard ob their group functions.

Telegram has superior media storage. It’s great for backing up data.