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Any blue world nursery rhymes?

Actually hmm :thinking: wait don’t share that one, not good for kids knowing about Intergalactic Drug Trade

Any other questions before the feed is turned back on?

If I can’t answer I’ll pass it up

What was sagans motivation behind being willing to give up special acccess

Was there something he felt was dangerous or so important it was worth the price?

Also about a thousand questions about intergalactic drug trade way to just skip that in there

Mind blown .


Like I said best to remain political

I know that’s how it manifested. I was curious though what motivationally made that worthwhile to him. It’s known price so for him to do so there had to be some driving reason. Something that mattered more deep down. Just a curious point of interest to me, peoples internal motivations


Instead of Go Woke Go Broke

It should be Go Woke, Stay Your Ass On Earth

@hiddeninthegarden start tracking the Doomsday planes

Ok starting feed

But recap

  1. The name of the Legacy Space Force is AFSAB / Air Force Scientific Advisory Board

  2. Mining :pick: on the Moon :full_moon_with_face: has been happening for decades

  3. Carl Sagan has both SAP / uSAP clearances but resigned after protesting and being political after marrying his Second Wife.

  4. Lunar bases are real

Hmm :face_with_monocle:

Doomsday Planes :airplane: are on the move today


Monitor the Doomsday and Janet today @hiddeninthegarden

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