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#Reader submission :warning: this is not driving :underage: just a social phenomenon :warning:
Even in the epidemic, do n’t forget to take a mask to shoot the professionalism exposed outdoors

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wow, girls are so desperate in Wuhan that they have no shirts anymore?

No, the are just shooting some r-18 videos just as Japanese do, but in virus condition

Starbucks employee diagnosed with the coronavirus in Seattle, company says:

A Starbucks employee in downtown Seattle tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to the store’s closure for a deep cleaning, the company said.

In a memo Friday, Starbucks said the worker who tested positive is isolated at home. The store where the patient worked is closed, and the local health department has given it the go-ahead to return to business following the cleaning, Starbucks said. It did not announce when it’ll reopen.

Australian Army:

Two members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 virus. Having tested positive to COVID-19, they have been isolated.

Efforts to trace any contact are focussed on the two officers travelling to a meeting at Defence Headquarters, Russell, ACT on 28 February 2020.

Defence is cooperating with NSW and ACT Health authorities to contact, isolate, test and support persons involved.

Super Spreader Event - Tasmania, Australia

Health authorities in Tasmania are in disbelief after it was revealed a man who was suspected of contracting coronavirus ignored pleas to stay at home and instead went to work in major hotel instead.

It’s feared he could have spread COVID-19 to multiple staff and guests at the Grand Chancellor, Hobart’s top hotel.

The man in his 20s arrived in Tasmania from Nepal via Singapore on February 26.

Mad Max toilet paper brawl:

Police have charged two women for an alleged fight over dwindling supplies of toilet paper in a Sydney, Australia supermarket.

Police said they were called to a Woolworths store at Chullora about 7am on Saturday after reports a 49-year-old woman had been assaulted.

A video of the incident was shared on social media and showed a small group of women pushing, yelling and fighting over a shopping cart filled with toilet paper.

Australian supermarket Coles has posted notices in store telling people to stop being selfish over toilet paper, and limiting purchases to 1 per customer.

Super Spreader Event - Gamagori City, Japan

local officials in Aichi prefecture’s Gamagori City on Thursday revealed that a man in his 50s with coronavirus visited two bars “to spread the virus”.

The man lives with his parents, both of whom have the virus. After he tested positive, medical workers sent the man home at around 6pm on Wednesday, instructing him to remain there until further notice.

Instead, he decided to take a taxi to an izakaya bar, Fuji News Network reported, telling a family member before he left, “I am going to spread the virus.”

People in Australia queuing before sunrise to buy toilet paper.

Information released by the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington which is at the center of a US Coronavirus outbreak.

Super Spreader Event - Perth, Western Australia

West Australian health authorities are scrambling after the state confirmed its fourth coronavirus case — The West Australian reports that the woman, aged in her 70s, was at a WA Symphony Orchestra performance last night attended by hundreds of people.

The woman returned to Perth on the direct Qantas flight QF10 from London last Thursday. She had recently travelled to Cuba before spending six days in London.

She became ill on Friday and was tested for coronavirus, but still attended the concert last night before receiving her results. It’s not clear whether she was told to self-isolate by doctors.

The WA Health Department is now racing to track down people who sat near her at the concert or on the flight.

Видео спасения 12-летнего мальчика из под завалов обрушившейся гостиницы, где содержались на карантине люди с подозрением на COVID-2019, в Цюаньчжоу, Китай.

Там минимум 4 смерти, 40 спасенных и 29 пропавших без вести.

Video of the rescue of a 12-year-old boy from the rubble of a collapsed hotel where people suspected of COVID-2019 were quarantined in Quanzhou, China.

There are at least 4 deaths, 40 saved and 29 missing.

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Shared in Russian Social Media


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