Read: power and money making opportunity

Read: power and money making opportunity

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Humanitarian crises = profit

How is blackmail used?


Dem Illinois State Rep Keith Farnham
-Possession of Child Pornography
-Bragged about molesting 6 yo girl


Interstellar Comet Oumuamua Might Not Actually Be a Comet

Could the universe collapse into a singularity? New study explains how.

Pigs huh? Check out the :cricket::cricket::cricket:

Lightning storm fast motion


Earth’s size compared to its water and air


Remember Wizard Swartz

Another person from Melbourne arrested for posting on their Facebook that they were going to attend a protest. This man is a veteran.

ACTIE 11:00-11:11 One Human Family

Dear star tribe: our Dutch government is talking about a law today that could end democracy.

But on an alternative timeline, they get difficulty doing that because suddenly their conscience is becoming too strong.

The conscience of some key government members speaks up because of all the light that they are receiving.

And because their conscience wins, the government falls, giving our people some precious time to find our strength and balance.

It may not be likely, but it definitely is one of the possible timelines! And we could just hop over into it!

Would you like to help me co-create that positive timeline to come into reality?
It should be a fun 5D exercise!:hugs::heart::earth_africa::green_heart::blue_heart::sparkles:Just imagine it as a reality all day, and FEEL that it is REAL!

PS als je wilt leren hoe je kan “Toveren met Tijdlijnen” (=het vervolg op Creatief met Kurk!) kijk dan even naar de uitleg door Elisabeth April

Meme War III
about to heat up

Still unconfirmed

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:cn::taiwan: According to jewishpress reports and numerous Indian tweets, Taiwan’s Patriot air defense shot down today by Chinese Su-35S fighter (according to other sources, J-10) in Guangxi province, 6 km north-west of Guilin Qifenglin air base; pilot ejected

According to Russian, PLA Air Force fighter flew next to American warships in Taiwan area, which used electronic warfare against it, due to which aircraft’s global positioning systems were violated, and Chinese pilot invaded PRC airspace for 28 seconds

Taiwanese Ministry of Defense published official denial, which disappeared from government website minutes after publication. The site itself also unavailable at the moment
Nicola Smith, Asia correspondent for The Telegraph, copied a message from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense on Twitter

There is no official statement from China


With Model-T and AWP, FamilyMart and TX aim to realize a completely new store operation by remoteizing and automating the merchandise restocking work, which requires a large number of labor-hours. As a result, stores can operate with less number of workers and enable them to recruit employees regardless of the store’s physical location.

Regarding what’s going on in Mexico :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

I’ll leave this here. See dates.


Can’t tell you much. Connect the dots. See the dates

A month ago




Connect the dots, my hands are tied

Keep digging

radiation = nuke hidden…

Leaky club k?

Time for #Homework



They were coming and going from
MTA HQ. Most people are not aware that LA has a subway system. Barely anyone uses it. Subway system means underground tunnels.

Good good :slight_smile:

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