Read and spread:

Read and spread:

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Latest news: Kuwait suspends flights to Iraq due to fear of coronavirus and refuses to enter Kuwait from Iraq! Due to the coronavirus, Kuwait bans all flights to and from South Korea, Thailand and Italy. :scream:

Amazes me that I’m learning this via the Chinese news :arrow_up:


Sometimes I really feel that these people deserve these crimes. It is light to enter the cabin. Lu Xun was right in saying that, Chinese medicine can’t save the Chinese people, and healing is also a group of mentally disabled.

The Reuters World channel posted that also, maybe it’s a tip

This next story is heart breaking

网友爆今天最揪心的一个故事:2月24日上午48厂一小区志愿者上门查体温,一小男孩开门,问家里几人? 男孩答:他跟他爷爷,志愿者问他爷爷呢,男孩说,已经死几天了。 男孩四五岁左右,后志愿者报警,警察,医院全去了。 问男孩为什么不出去,回答:爷爷说外面有病毒,不能出去,在家吃了几天饼干了。:sob:

A netizen exploded the most worrying story today: On the morning of February 24th, volunteers from a community in the 48 factory came to check the body temperature. A little boy opened the door. The boy answered: He told his grandfather that the volunteer asked him about it. The boy said that he had been dead for a few days. The boy was about four or five years old. After the volunteers called the police, the police and the hospital all went. Asked the boy why he didn’t go out, and replied: Grandpa said there was a virus outside and couldn’t go out, and ate cookies for a few days at home. :sob:


He’s drinking to much Mango lassi with Vodka

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