Rather we focus/discuss things like this ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Rather we focus/discuss things like this :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

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I know.
You list this in the west.
But yoy can be at it very quickly.
In algeria we are already like that, survival mode since the 70s , since US dep state and CIA start medling with our futures.
With no good reasons !!
They changed mind end 90s but rogue assets still around.
Like muslim brotherhood…

You lost these habits…



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:heart_eyes: Dancing Algae Pediastrum

Dancing crystals are found in Pediastrum algae that prefer to grow in very regular colonies. These colonies very often consist of 8, 16, 32 and so on.

This is how obvious they make things these days

Compare to 2020

Watch with fresh eyes (Reds)

This is a great wake-up video, and a perfect segway to my question about our desperate need for Common Law education. A topic I’ve been into for over a decade, a topic so very crucial to our freedom, a topic that can no longer be ignored by humanity. It was mentioned some where within these groups that the Blue’s, Gold’s, & Green’s (i.e.: good side) have a restoration of Common Law within their plans. The people’s ignorance of our true God-granted rights must be replaced, and restored with this knowledge! To go further, which some may or may not be aware, the United States is a corporation, and US citizen’s are simply employees/franchises. You vote as an employee, not as a (Wo)Man of the living! No different than Walmart, which is why we are so confused by all the insanity of our “government”! The organic Constitution was overlayed with a second one, rewritten with changed prepositions, removing coverage of the human State Citizens. The real Constitution does not apply to US citizens, since that identification is not for the flesh and blood ‘you’, but instead just the corporate name applied to you on paper (i.e.: your legal name). The stages of this coup have been a process of many decades, in fact, well over 100 years, but much faster since the 1930’s. If we don’t start studying Common Law, where our natural-born rights are preserved, we will not be able to fix this massive totalitarian takeover…if it isn’t already too late! I am no law expert, but I know where to go for the knowledge. There should be a Doomsday Law group for this leap in survival prep! There is one teacher in Canada that has already joined up with a global movement in an effort to stop the totalitarianism:

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