Rather we focus/discuss things like this ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Rather we focus/discuss things like this :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Mandatory #Homework

⤺ reposted by @0x1oknbY from Chinese Military Like Soldiers Train on Salt Spring Island, Canada

This is VITAL.

Seems like Med Beds were leaked

Walter Reed

It reminds me a bit of Dr Nitscke’s “Suicide Machines” that he displayed in 2018.

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How do you deal with this???

Mmm that’s a good one. Not really concerned about neighbors. More so my parents 4 minutes down the road. Been buying them extra food and what I can for supplies and geting them set for gun licenses and guns to protect themselves. I can’t do it all. But doing the best I can. I need to think about this more.

@Bitcoin_beau how are you dealing with it

@Open_Eyes00 you too?

Everyone chime in please

Y tu Gatos?

Unexpected Grasshopper relatives show up at the door

Are you prepared


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:arrow_up: 3rd pic source

Left to Right: President Trump, Zap CEO(John Adler), Foxconn CEO (Terry Gou), Softbank CEO(Masayoshi Son)

Connect the dots on what Med Beds mean and why it’s at Walter Reed

Read and definitely going to discuss with family and also reflect about how to orient around learning skills to build alliances and wisdom of how to organize and structure working groups and understand more about these aspects because groups I do believe with the right skills can help survive and thrive. Especially when folks each have unique skills to help tend to a vast array of needs of the group. Just as we do here in our groups here.

Well for 1 I figure walter reed might not have been the real location. These beds would prove it even more. Perhaps some of the black world tech is slowing leaking into for the government and elite. Just like the other so called big science military and space tech has made all these leaps during a worldwide pandemic! Way to just slip so much in slowly drip feed so it only slightly hits folks because the saturation of so much happening this year is easy time to slowly start dropping it into the white world. Getting us accustomed. Moving toward open eyes. Their version is a mini version of what you have been doing with us on a much deeper level.

The heavy hitters

⤻ reposted @AzazelNews to Left to Right: President Trump, Zap CEO(John Adler), Foxconn CEO (Terry Gou), Softbank CEO(Masayoshi Son)

We have plans with other family members who are prepping and I have in mind who will be best at what and how we can all work together. More of us are getting gun license and studying for ham radio etc. creating options not to rely on any one system and diversify.

My man :fist:t5:

Thanks. I’m adding earlier EAMs. And I wonder if peaks correlate with known events, or are the events not public knowledge? I can supply CSV’s if desired.

Hmm I think it was Winter or @hiddeninthegarden that was making a graph

Working daily at Tightening up as many loose ends as possible. Can you really ever be prepared for end of the world scenario there is always something you can improve.

My wife says im heartless anyway,so ill just turn those away. And 97% of our contacts dont know we prep and only those inside the “group” know we plan to bugout and where it is

This one is easy. Have a false pantry. Never disclose your true prep. Sacrifice some of the false, cheap crap and send them off. They should of prepared when I tried telling them.