Rantz: Artist bragged he got Seattle tax dollars to paint anti-police messages

Rantz: Artist bragged he got Seattle tax dollars to paint anti-police messages

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? Doesn’t seem “anti police”…
Another tag maybe?
Got it you want to start a fake conflict ?

What do drones look like at night? Can they stay in one place without moving ?

Season 4, Ep 8 The Good Place
Janet is the character in purple, she is a software program who manages this after-life, while the others are dead from earth who now try to fix other people’s bad characters. Anyone else watch this show?

I’d love some help seeing through the superficial writing of it

Colors obviously give away that there is more to it than some funny show ( as we’d expect).

I watched it but found it boring

Btw I like your name :joy:

:joy: same here!

I struggle to make sense of it, yet enjoy the simplicity and the light-heartedness of it.

:joy: my middle name is the same. Yeah it’s not too bad . I watched a few episodes it’s just it was very bizarre

Ya it’s kinda looney, a story like a children’s book, but they’re obviously using that to their advantage which is why I’m trying to use an ‘open eyes’ perspective, but I am just too young at this.

No it’s a good idea. I’m still new to all that but I can see what you mesn

Satellite image of Hurricane Delta today near Louisiana

They tried making a face again :thinking:

Some can loiter overhead for days.

Why on earth would I need to start fake conflict when there is so much real conflict to choose from? If the glaring hypocrisy and dangerous agenda on display by the Seattle city council doesn’t immediately jump out at you, then I suggest you spend some familiarizing yourself with the facts, not just the agenda. They claimed that they could no longer afford to pay the nation’s first only black female police chief $140K a year salary, but they can pay street artists to graffiti propaganda, furthermore they elected to pay a pimp - ok an ex-pimp with a history of violence and sex trafficking $150K a year for his “genius” (aka protesting, standing outside marching, screaming, yelling, thrusting handmade signs in the air - how ever did he come up with such original schemes? He must be a bloody genius! :roll_eyes:)

Rather we focus/discuss things like this :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Seems like Med Beds were leaked

Walter Reed, 3rd pic

Air Force Handbook 10-644
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Operations

Search “Tachyon” on page.

Companies working in off world projects avoid the limelight.

At all cost

I know.
You list this in the west.
But yoy can be at it very quickly.
In algeria we are already like that, survival mode since the 70s , since US dep state and CIA start medling with our futures.
With no good reasons !!
They changed mind end 90s but rogue assets still around.
Like muslim brotherhood…

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looks slike flight of the navigator ship