Raise Wizards 🧙‍♂️, get them out of the Rat Race

Raise Wizards :mage:‍♂, get them out of the Rat Race

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This is exactly what I tried to do. Alphabet and addition…in the womb. Phonics at 2. Puzzles as soon as he could hold a piece. Reading at 4. By 2nd grade he was doing x and y problems and killing me with questions about gravity, black holes, and space time continuum. Still not.sure where he picked that up from. He graduates this year as a computer engineer. He might be doing 4 plus 1 which is just one more year for his masters. For two years he wanted to design video games, but luckily i was able to convince him to go for the bigger picture and from there he could do whatever he wanted. Convince is the wrong word. He is and was an independent thinker so i had to plant seeds lol.

Amazing how often in Russia something :fu:burns & explodes in protest regions… :point_down:

:ru: #Russia #Navalny :belarus: #Belarus
:black_small_square:On the eve of fire at factory, Pskov police came to home of the head of Navalny’s headquarters, Aleksei Dorozhkin, who went to one-man picket with poster: “I know who poisoned Navalny”
:black_small_square:Former employee of Investigative Committee of Belarus Andrei Ostapovich was detained in Pskov. He resigned in protest against repression, received political asylum in Latvia and was waiting visa in Pskov
:exclamation:On August 21, Russian security forces secretly took him back to Belarus and handed to Lukashenko’s fascists to be killed

:ru: #Россия #Навальный :belarus: #Беларусь
:black_small_square:Накануне пожара на фабрике Псковская полиция пришла к главе штаба Навального Алексею Дорожкину, который вышел на одиночный пикет с плакатом: «Я знаю, кто отравил Навального»
:black_small_square:В Пскове был задержан бывший сотрудник белорусского СК Андрей Остапович, который подал рапорт об увольнении, получил политическое убежище в Латвии и ждал в Пскове визу
:exclamation:21 августа силовики тайно вывезли его обратно в Беларусь и передали фашистам Лукашенко