Quarantined nurse raises alarms over being denied coronavirus test

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Good! What a disgrace

:it: 倫巴第傳染病的蔓延

:it: Распространение инфекционных заболеваний в Ломбардии

:it: The spread of infectious diseases in Lombardy

#中共國 武漢青山雅園

中共 国 Wuhan Qingshan Yayuan

Video (probably)
Citizens go out to buy vegetables by themselves. The property management may not allow them to rest or gather in the community. Citizens said that they can’t buy 10 yuan a pound of cheap meat. They ca n’t afford high-priced vegetables.

Meanwhile in Russia

Meanwhile in Italy

That’s it

Mask :mask: shortage solved

Lol :joy:

:a:we were talking about this as an alternative last night in our house!

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double masks but no gloves lol

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This is going to cause a whole other problem :joy::see_no_evil: