puff puff engines

puff puff engines

⤺ reposted by @drunkenwhiskers from quite a lot of SO2 compared to Shanghai

The CCP government claims that Wuhan SO2 level is very low. Those online data “inaccurate”. yeah sure.

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It’s here. Norcal.

France has its first citizen death

He was a 60 yo teacher.

Estonia first case. An Iranian.

the same government who put high wall that now have starving citizen on one side and mountain of rotten vegetables on the other. yeah sure.

Nice. They don’t even allow games.

Looks like they have stopped to issue passport. Unconfirmed though.

Rumor is this woman is Li keqiang (China prime minister) s daughter-in-law.


IKEA in shanghai is reopening on March 2nd.

No vaccine, no effective treatment, no nothing. Yet we have a new book! “2020 big country fighting virus”!

European markets slide 2.3%
DOW set to fall 400 pts

Where did U get this info?

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