Projected number of patients per available hospital bed by state.

Projected number of patients per available hospital bed by state.

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Sad to say…In two weeks are reality will look way different than it does right now.

In Louisiana we had our first death today. Also National Guard has been mobilized. They are expecting it to get very bad. Meanwhile life here is as usual. I’m sitting outside a local restaurant in my car with take out listening to live music and seeing people dining in.

I missed the sealed indictments? Can you please provide a reference/context? Thx

He was a nutter

Ok. Thanks

How to avoid germs in these trying times nyc

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Someone gonna tell the creator of that about where Kansas and Missouri are in relation to each other?

You don’t need toilet paper if you throw it back up.

:us: The White House physician says after an “in-depth discussion” Trump took the coronavirus test and he’s negative.

Shoprite employees restocking early this AM after basically being wiped clean of almost everything last night.

Released with the permission of President Trump. Hmmm. Sounds like an odd way to state the test was negative.

no its because medical records are private

For the medical workers in the group, there is some discussion here including some translation:


Пока в мире люди предпочитают даже не выходить на улицу, в Питере тем временем собираются толпы людей, чтобы целовать мощи Иоанна Крестителя.

Естественный отбор такой естественный…

While in the world people prefer not even to go out, in St. Petersburg in the meantime crowds of people gather to kiss the relics of John the Baptist.

Natural selection is so natural …

Over thirty passengers with fever on this flight from Frankfort to Shanghai.


:us::united_nations::philippines:联合国表示,将在星期一开始的四个星期内减少在纽约总部的驻留。 这件事发生在菲律宾外交官成为由193名成员组成的世界器官中首例冠状病毒阳性结果的人之后。

:us::united_nations::philippines: Организация Объединенных Наций заявила, что сократит свое присутствие персонала в своей штаб-квартире в Нью-Йорке в течение четырех недель, начиная с понедельника . Это случилось после того ,как филиппинский дипломат стал первым человеком с положительным результатом на коронавирус во всемирном органе из 193 членов.

:us::united_nations::philippines: The United Nations said it will slash its staff presence at its New York headquarters for four weeks, starting Monday, after a Filipino diplomat became the first person at the 193-member world body known to have tested positive for the COVID-19

:brazil:巴西參議員Nelsinho Trad檢測冠狀病毒呈陽性。 5天前,他與佛羅里達州的參議員Marco Rubio在一起。

:brazil: Бразильский сенатор Нельсиньо Трад дал положительный результат на коронавирус.Он был с сенатором Марко Рубио во Флориде 5 дней назад.

:brazil: Brazilian Senator Nelsinho Trad tested positive for coronavirus. He was with Senator Marco Rubio in Florida 5 days ago.

:iran: 週六晚上,又有兩名來自中國的自願醫務人員前往伊朗,與另外五名中國專家一起前往該國,幫助該國應對新型冠狀病毒的爆發。

:iran: В субботу вечером в Иран отправляются еще два добровольных медика из Китая, чтобы присоединиться к пяти другим китайским экспертам, чтобы помочь стране бороться с новой вспышкой коронавируса.

:iran: Two more voluntary medics from China leave for Iran Saturday night to join five other Chinese experts there to help the country fight the novel coronavirus outbreak.

:iran:政府慘敗後。 毛拉人和其他高級官員目前正在離開伊朗大陸,前往波斯灣的基什島,以避免全國悲劇。 他們住在遠離人的豪華酒店中。

:iran: После монументального провала правительства. Муллы и другие высокопоставленные чиновники в настоящее время покидают материковый Иран и направляются на остров Киш в Персидском заливе, чтобы избежать национальной трагедии. Они живут в роскошном отеле, вдали от людей.

:iran: After the monumental failure of the government. Mullahs and other senior officials are currently leaving mainland Iran and heading for Kish Island in the Persian Gulf to avoid a national tragedy. They live in a luxury hotel, away from people.

Police set up checkpoints in Spain’s Catalonia region as four towns were put under quarantine due to coronavirus concerns, preventing residents from leaving the area. Spain has reported at least 2,174 cases and 49 deaths.

昨天,这个故事是在哈根(Hagan)的塔艾维夫(Tag Aviv)火车站被人员逮捕(一名雇员戴着手套)时拍摄的。 现在,这两名军官和观察员已被隔离。

:israel: Обновленная информация об истории из Израиля.
Вчера он был снят во время ареста сотрудниками (один в перчатках) на железнодорожной станции Таг-Авива в Хагане. Два офицера и наблюдатель сейчас находятся в карантине.

:israel: Update on the story from Israel.
Yesterday he was filmed being arrested by officers (one wearing gloves) at Tel Aviv’s Hagana train station. The two officers and the bystander are in quarantine now.


3月14日,微博传出:湖北孝感某小区饿死一个两岁的小孩,刚刚上午才发现。父母离异,女的有精神病,下楼抢东西吃。好心人去她家,才发现小孩子已经饿死,已经臭了有网友称:同一个小区里面,疫情期间,2岁的孩子饿死了。昨天还看到孩子的妈妈,受过刺激不会做饭,前两天在小区里面找人要吃的被驱赶,昨天还来了JC让她回家。道阻且长啊。 ————————-a two years old child was starved to death and was found on March 14th in Xiaogan, Hubei province. The body had already been highly decomposed and can be smelt. The mother is a divorced single mother with psychiatric conditions. The neighbors only found out about the child’s death when they saw the mother downstairs scrambling for food. The mother was begging for food in the apartment compound two days ago but was denied. Even the day before some policemen were here to ask her to go back home but nobody went with her and check on them.