Prevotella bacteria associated with aiding the spread of COVID-19

Prevotella bacteria associated with aiding the spread of COVID-19

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This is because of oral hygiene

Also lack of lacto bacillus

Lactic acid makes the environment inhospitable to prevotella

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There are large studies done on women’s vaginas relevant to this

South Korea number of cases raised to 2,337

what about diet?
prevotella thrives in rodents and birds, which as some “batsoup” videos shown, eaten without proper cooking

If you can follow a diet that lends itself to deuterium depletion then you will fare much better. Bacteria and virus proliferate much faster under deuterated conditions


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U want to be deuterium depleted. It’s sequestered in all carbohydrates and causes havoc to your mitochondria. You want to have maximal mitochondrial energy to combat the flu and u want conditions that don’t encourage proliferation of the virus such as high carb (deuterium)


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See he gets it. Probiotics are a :muscle: defense mechanism. Hence why aris toothpaste was made my a microbiologist. It has probiotics in it