⚠️ Prevention ⚠️

:anger:1. 通常最有可能感染方式是在公共场合触摸带有病毒的物体 所以记得勤洗手 病毒在你手上只会存活5-10分钟 不过即使是短短的5-10分钟 也要十分警惕 不要用手揉眼睛或者不自觉地抠鼻子
:anger:2.除勤洗手外 还可用漱口水漱口 这样可以杀死或减少存留在喉咙里的病菌 防止起落入肺部引起肺炎

:warning: Prevention :warning:
:anger: 1. Usually the most likely way of infection is to touch an object with a virus in public. So remember to wash your hands frequently. The virus will only survive 5-10 minutes on your hands. Rub your eyes with your hands or pick your nose unconsciously
:anger:2. In addition to washing your hands frequently, you can also use a mouthwash to kill or reduce the germs that remain in your throat.
:anger: 3. Drink more water​:bangbang: :bangbang:

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Because China is full of shit

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These numbers will require draconian efforts to keep them down

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This is bullshit. Mouth wash will not kill a virus.

One of my giys said a forefighter broke his gag order and thag norcal may ne going into quarantine dlsoon

Do you have more info on this?