Prepare NOW: What to Do When Masks Run Out!

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Clever man

Drops infected rate to 20.6%

I think these numbers are worth watching.

Although keeping everyone on a ship improperly quarantined may have increased the exposure instead of limiting it.

But since it’s outside of China and has a significant number of infected cases, watching the recovery rates may be the best data we see on how lethal the virus actually is.

Even if the transmission data is not applicable to the general population.

Would be interesting if they mapped each cabin on boat against who got infected to see the distribution

How do I invite people

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The more we make aware the better

I don’t think I’ll be taking a cruise anytime soon…

That’s amazing!!! :hugs:

Do what makes you feel calm

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Has anybody read this?

Looks like FAKE news, will go and find the actual book

The part about the prediction for 2020 is from a different book. The dean koontz book is far from whats actually happening.

Thanks brother

Not fake news that book is real

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Wearing a mask in the train gets people really
Upset but they can’t say anything to me I am jn my win world and I don’t care if they don’t think this is serious

I said I would rather be laughed at today and be able
To laugh when it is over then be a sheep

Here’s a piece on how San Francisco dealt with the Spanish Flu a century ago. As you can see, masks out in public was the law. They also celebrated too soon.

Iran…2 death

I’m presuming that water supplies won’t be affected but in the event they are or in the event of relocation, here are a couple of reviews of gravity-fed water filters. (Second one is a rebuttal of some of the evidence presented in the first.)

Not sure if these address virus-size elements but it’s more for protection from other issues in the event of any disruption in water supplies.

With respect to UV-C light as a sanitizing mechanism, here’s an (unsubstantiated) report on its effect on human coronavirus (HCOV). No mention on CV-19.

Some relatively cheap solutions on Amazon (light fixture + bulb separately) but likely selling out fast. Beware the UV-C + Ozone bulbs as ozone is a dangerous gas and any place would need to be vented after usage. Not recommended for households IMO. Suggest sticking with just UV-C. (Please do your own research though and beware the instructions on usage - i.e. most light fixtures come with 30-second delays for a reason.)