Potential coronavirus isolation, quarantine site set up in South Sound


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I bet this is to desensitize people to martial law

Americans have guns

Aussies can buy guns too. Get armed.

I would knock myself out by accident lol

Hey everyone this may have been shared, but I am using this to track reported cases around the globe:


It gives a great gauge of if its confirmed near your city, how many, and the day over day spread

A comparison of the two different versions: the Chinese version removes the part about herbs.

It’s not 100% accurate. Az has several cases not listed on it

They have some solid sources, but i guess they are missing a few. Either way its a good gauge of the spread and good to show people who downplay the severity.

Yup. Been using it. :pray:t3:

Can I share that site to some Chinese friends?

Of course go ahead! Its a public source.

Thanks a lot!

A worker at TCL’s Huizhou, guangdong province factory collapsed.

A ski event in Norway for 36000 people has been cancelled for the public due to corona.
People are attending anyway :man_shrugging:t3:

seems to be down but their website is always slow

oh no it’s up

so slow

Are there any technical people here?
I was wondering if there’s a somewhat easy way to grab the numbers from worldofmeters to a messenger bot

It’s for a Norwegian corona group on Facebook

It’s inaccurate.

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