Possible scinarios... Possibility of person-to-person... Tiptoe around the elephant in the room much๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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Possible scinariosโ€ฆ Possibility of person-to-personโ€ฆ Tiptoe around the elephant in the room muchโ€‹:elephant: :see_no_evil:

Yeah we sent those home last week. Kids are so scared. Iโ€™m just beyond mad this teacher has a son in quarantine at home but is allowed into the school! I work with medically fragile studentsโ€ฆ not a good look

Righ! They wrote this BS

Watching the press conference now about the woman released in San Antonio Texas that was positive. The health dept is saying exposure to other people while she was out but she was staying at a hotel during that time and did go to the big mall near the airport. Other than that. Very low risk!! Wtf!!!

Aries ive got intel coming in on Iran direct through private channel

60,000 infected. estimated 2400 dead (not confirmed yet)

They posted an interview with the Coronavirus patient earlier today on social media in Jordan. He is in good shape so far.


โ€œbeware of Ides of Marchโ€
hmm what does that means, I wonder

15th of March

What is gonna happen? Where is that quote from?

I believe it

We gonna pass 200 cases in France tonight

brace for impact. death toll is far higher in Iran. they are literally unsure

theyve lost control

Fuck World governments

Totally Lost

This is a reference about Julius Caesar, when he was assassinated. Very famous, but utterly useless.

I looked it up, it seems like the energy was suppose to be transcendent through time, the energy of bad luck and bad things basically .

We started keeping our two kiddos (5 and 7, 5 yr old has medical issues) home from school today. Also, canceled my aunts (85 yr old) drs appt for tomorrow. Just not worth the risk IMO.

They donโ€™t do cremation

Mine 3 dont go school but staying at home since 1 week