Portland shooting

Portland shooting

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Sounds like a revolver to me

Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Statement

One is strongly pushing for Open Eyes and created The Space Force.

The other

Well you’ve seen the flight logs

And I’ve hinted enough on how Red Wizadry/Black Hats work

Some of you are very creative

Shinzo Abe is expected to stand down as prime minister of Japan due to his health issues.

Health Issues aka (cut a deal)

The Dark Core of Personality

Meanwhile in Portland

In Bear News :bear:

Footage of the shooting in Portland…

Question, If you were indoctrinated as a child would you have done more in life?

Do you think he would have? I Thought I Would Have Accomplished a Lot More Today and Also Before I Was 35


Yes. I now know that everything i have been chasing is a lie

But…i must have sensed it because i did a bang up job with my kid. He is ready.

please keep sharing, to the ones who are awake.

I do and i will. The cubicle life is a cage. The indoctrination is a cage.

by indoctrination I mean had your Eyes Opened in youth. read in.

I would have wanted more if i knew what was really going on. I would not be satisfied with the scraps that we get. I would want to learn and know everything. Knowledge would be the power…not the dollar.

And no the dude would not have accomplished more. The indoctrination is not set up that way.

Unless he knew from a young age that everything was a bullshit

That we are just lemmings

I don’t think he (the writer) would be different. I think he’d still be a slacker in the Jetsons/Black World)

True. Thats a disgusting idea…that people can just be inherently lazy. Ok with being a tool.

To know the truth and just be meh…thats too.much effort

thank you, look forward to hearing from others helps me shape lesson plans.

Although I feel I have accomplished a lot given my very specific circumstances, a large chunk of the time was spent breaking or working around barriers. Would my career choice be influenced if I had known more of this information? Absolutely. Having more of a sense of direction other than sheer willpower would have been nice. A lot of things that I thought were important now seem petty in comparison.

He was working directly for The cabal and finally removed.

Mostly peaceful according to CNN :slight_smile:

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