poor things... my heart...

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poor things… my heart…

Aries her daughter is my daughters bestie too. Thank god we didn’t do any play dates either. Ty ty ty ty

This is not a joke

Kids can get sick

Don’t fall for the bullshit Rachel

Thanks to wayback machine the #WHO has retracted tha page admitting Laboratory accidents

Thanks for the answer and all the videos

They also pointed out it was a potential zone of Re-emergence

No problem I just want every parent who is in here to keep their kids safe

New Orleans. Empty.

Ty so much :heart::muscle:t2:

Even 1 month baby, as I know happening in China

Don’t think anyone can survive without protection

Guess the band stopped playing

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This is so heartbreaking

I have to say, I’m happy to hear the right to try changes

Hello everyone! Just going to leave this here for your enjoyment.

Thanks Monique for all the info

Also thanks Aries for this group n news channel that’s very helpful in the time of real stress.

The prince of Monaco has it too now