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⤺ reposted by @TheWysard from Wuhan woman caught on camera spitting on apartment building doorknob

Aris I just read all that an Im not going to work tomorrow! Holy shit!

The not so cool part


Kenny you can’t say chink

That was copied and pasted from what you shared


Hence the “”

Ok ok

Night :sleeping:

Bro I have had flu like symptoms since last tuesday

Then it says after you feel like you have beaten the flu

It takes over your Brain and stops your lungs

For this you can’t go to work?!

How are you now?

I feel somewhat fine just a cough.

But this article that aris shared

And where are you?

Says after the flu and that healing it takes over your brain… Amd thats why these people just pass out an die

Long Island, NY

But I don’t understand this… Sorry… :sweat_smile: why?

Read the thread!


I posted it three times

This was just a minuscule piece of what i just read.

:+1:t4: ok thank you!

So you think the Department of Disease and Control post is honest

Hmm :thinking:

How should I prepare here in Sweden?

Find a blonde and a cabin

No but really

You think it will reach the Nordic countries? @indigojake

Mask :mask: and goggles :goggles: to start

You might need to get a kit

@aries are you?! :joy: