PM Boris Johnson says England to shut schools due to coronavirus pandemic


PM Boris Johnson says England to shut schools due to coronavirus pandemic

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The world is run by clowns

Too little too late.

With a name like Bojo he’s just missing a :monkey:

No kidding! I managed to save a few mates and got them into quarantine. I hope it’s not too late!

Tot Cases/1 mln population (daily change %)

591 (+13,4%) | :it:Italy :arrow_up:
355 (+12,0%) | :switzerland:Switzerland
298 (+17,8%) | :es:Spain
287 (+5,9%) | :norway:Norway, :arrow_up:
207 (+7,3%) | :iran:Iran
194 (+14,1%) | :estonia:Estonia
183 (+23,6%) | :austria:Austria
182 (+7,7%) | :denmark:Denmark :arrow_up:
164 (+1,2%) | :kr:South Corea
153 (+0,0%) | :qatar:Qatar
150 (+5,6%) | :bahrain:Bahrain
143 (+27,7%) | :de:Germany :arrow_up:
138 (+4,5%) | :slovenia:Slovenia
128 (+19,6%) | :belgium:Belgium
128 (+8,5%) | :sweden:Sweden
120 (+20,0%) | :netherlands:Netherlands
118 (+0,0%) | :fr:France
65 (+12,1%) | :finland:Finland
56 (+0,0%) | :cn:China
50 (+28,2%) | :israel:Israel
39 (+34,5%) | :uk:United Kingdom
23 (+21,1%) | :us:United States :arrow_up:


Residents in salt lake City wake up this morning to a massive 5.7 earthquake knocking out power in the neighborhood, no injures reported.

It’s getting Biblical in the simulation

You mentioned wanting more help with the news channel. I’m open to supporting you to add more content. I follow cnbc quite a lot, for example, for ceo resignations, market moves, trading and opinions etc. If useful happy to support.

The moment the massive 5.6 earthquake hits Utah.

Day 4 in Quarantine

Day 13 in Quarantine

Dead on day 15?

@TheWysard wait they called you to back into the guard or are you volunteering

No…I was thinking about volunteering


you think DoD is reporting the real numbers too

They are not

Noo… They wouldn’t want to create panic… I recommend watching the series Containment. It’s like an analogy of whats happening.

I’m just telling you not to reenlist

You are right just realized I would have to listen to orders… Which means sacrificing myself…

President Trump explains why he insists on calling COVID-19 a “Chinese Virus”

:us: The U.S. Air Force quietly flew 500,000 COVID-19 testing kits from :it:Italy to Memphis, Tennessee, on Monday, the service’s chief of staff, Gen. Dave Goldfein, confirmed during a Wednesday briefing at the Pentagon.

Goldfein acknowledged the Air Force is “moving test kits all in support of Homeland Security [and] Health and Human Services to make sure that we’re meeting the demands that they have.”

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I would like to interview people who are sick, or have loved ones who are sick or have died from #Coronavirus.
Please DM me

:brazil: Brazil has partially closed its border with Venezuela. Venezuelans will no longer be able to enter Brazil.

:israel: Heading for a full closure, retail chains received “pass permits during emergencies” in the last few hours.