Plus i've seen one of those documents yesterday. A trucker making delivery to the place I work at showed it to me.

Plus i’ve seen one of those documents yesterday. A trucker making delivery to the place I work at showed it to me.

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What kind of document did you see? What was the content? Lockdown on the 23rd?

Politics, QAnon, Maxwell

All those are distractions, A lot of baiting. Ignore it.

The real fireworks are about to start. Ignore politics, focus on skills

@ELI87SKMS what does supermarket look like?

No it just stated same thing Aries posted above. So that authorities would let you pass any checkpoint etc. couse the job you work on is necesarry for the system to work.

FM 21-75

Thank you. Very sad to hear that it is starting again :confused:

But the narrative in the last weeks was preparing the masses already.

Here in Europe.

It’s been worse in March/April. But still there are a few things like canned fruits and sometimes corn which are sold out.
I also used to buy canned bread everytime I visited a ‘E-Center/REWE’ branch (the more expensive stores here, others don’t have as much canned stuff). But there was none in the shelves for the last 2 to 3 weeks.

So yes, Europe has paperwork for Essential Workers to go through checkpoints just like America

Any suggestions when does it will start and any idea if they will close borders again?

I can only wonder what exactly will those fireworks be…

Overall the situation is quite scary. Wanted to stock up on some CBRN filters, just in case my sheepy family or best friend, whos a great outdoorsman but not into my ‘shit’ will need some - nearly sold out everywhere or you just get those mini ones which would last for half an our or so. Same thing with a lot of other survival gear which is imported from the US or China. I’m so glad I’m only waiting for 2 spare solar panels right now and then im set for apocalypse :wink:

Meanwhile in the People’s Republic of Washington State, Czar Inslee is warning of possible more drastic measures to “slow the spread”. College campus, dorm, and Greek life has turned into a non-stop Gestapo checkpoint. They’re even mandating how students can eat and sleep.

COVID-19: Inslee announces new measures to slow virus spread on college campuses

That’s great. Good luck and be safe. :sparkling_heart:

My guess is Austria will go first this time and Merkel follows up. So late October or early November.
Plus insider info concerning the vaccine topic:
One of our clients is Novonordisc and they just pumped up a contract for a product needed for their syringes by another 80million pieces annualy :scream:


I am not taking it or alleged Coronavirus vax, no way, no how

Thanks for the intel. I do not care for the vaccine. There wont be one.

Those medical giants always have at least spread out their need on two seperate suppliers, makes atleast 160mio more syringes (my guess is they got all 3 world leader suppliers in on that thing = 240mio pieces on top).