Please ban. Dunno why these losers keep messaging me.

Please ban. Dunno why these losers keep messaging me.

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Trump comments on Kyle Rittenhouse

People are rising against as he put it the tyrinical government.
“Virgina will not fall” USA🇺🇸

And so it begins …

Real Americans are woke …

Division at it’s finest. Amazing how over the months I have become immune and not even really have any jerk reactions. It’s all one big show all with the bear being poked… just egging deeper division between sides to create chaos to push the larger goals and agendas along.

Local Portland Journalist, Sergio Olmos, hours ago:
— “Trump supporters arrive at justice”

:link: Sergio Olmos (@MrOlmos)

— From earlier standoffs in Portland, Oregon between Right Wing groups and Antifa/BLM Militants

Spotted on Right Wing side:
:us: US Flags, Proud Boys Flags, QAnon-related banners, Gadsen flags, the ‘Back the blue’ flag (in support of Security forces) and some individuals with paintball rifles.

At least the uk got it right with many of the elites being the onee that people need to be against. Rather then fighting each other. O humans if you only understood. But alas that’s what indoctrination and a dumbed down education that does not teach critical thinking or for one to question and investigate. Thank the universe I was an outsider and never followed along even as a child! And parents didn’t even care!

Remember division is POINTLESS. And use the downtime to pump your survival muscles and find how to get beyond this to well whereever you want to go. The future lies in our hands more then the majority. Because we are here. I know I will continue to use this time wisely. I am reaching for the stars! Told my parents space is the next frontier and said we got to get the young one in the family set up. Very well recieved. I know where I’ll be bringing my dad’s ashss in the future to spare where he dreamed of going!

:woman_astronaut: SPACE HE WILL GO!

The future can be bright, it’s all a matter of choosing the destiny and fueling every ounce of your will and passion to make it a reality. So glad the doors opened for me to find these groups in February! Goodnight folks.

Army National Guard soldiers in Kenosha.

Army National Guard soldiers in Kenosha.

Thanks for the tip, will keep that in mind.

Today is September 1st, we will be doing workshops tomorrow for the next 3 days on extreme weather conditions.

Tsunami warning :warning: current

Today is September 1st, we will be doing workshops tomorrow for the next 3 days on extreme weather conditions.

Don’t be the Grasshopper :cricket:, be the Ant :ant:

Love this. Very excited to learn :nerd_face: :ant:

Bunkers aren't just for preppers any more

Just like we said, most are Teachers that have been radicalized.

Ice Age Farmer | Food Supply Spontaneously Combusting! Controlled Demolition of Supply Chain

From grain elevators in Iowa, to sugar silos in New Orleans, to food warehouses in Essex, to grain reserves in Beirut – the world’s food supply chain is going up in flames. With farm labor running from COVID-19 tests, meat plants ordered closed, and weather warfare destroying crops, why not just torch the rest?

Mars dust devil spotted by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

The situation in East Ladakh continues to remain tense.

:india::crossed_swords: IndianArmy matching the heavy weapon posturing of the China’s PLA Army on Monday.

India deployed heavy artillery south of Pangong Tso & Rezang La. :india: Special Frontier Forces are ready!

Chinese mouthpiece “Global Times” threatens India with war, says it can not win against China even with :us::crossed_swords:US-support

:information_source: The same outlet has threatened Taiwan with a military invasion.

:cn: The leadership in Bejing is going more & more aggressive!

It’s spreading :flushed: :microbe:

Tony Podesta’s ex-wife. Wearing a devil around his neck at the White House correspondents’ dinner in the Obaman-Biden administration.

At his point, Reds don’t even hide it anymore.

“Something very shameful happened, one of our comrades didn’t finish his supper.”
#China #propaganda

:arrow_up::arrow_up: just wanted to show you the new Food Shortage propoganda being shown in China

[Scientists have developed a robot smaller than 0.1 mm]

University of Pennsylvania, Marc Miskin and his colleagues demonstrated a new type of electrochemical actuators. These new types of actuators form the legs of the robot, the size of which is less than 0.1 mm (about the width of a human hair). When stimulated by laser, it will bend and produce walking motion. They have manufactured more than 1 million walking robots on a 4-inch silicon chip, which brings the possibility of exploring applications in biological environments.

Sorry, I am looking for a video that was posted a while ago. It was like a comment on “the creepy line” from a former three letter member? Could someone repost the link? Thx!

Recap 8/31/2020

  1. NASA’s Curiosity Rover has spotted a dust devil traveling across the surface of Mars.

  2. Federal Reserve announces major policy shift, saying that it is willing to allow inflation to run hotter than normal in order to support the labor market and broader economy.

  3. Passengers of today’s historic flight LY971 of the Israeli airline El Al from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi via Saudi airspace were Senior Adviser to the President of the United States Jared Kushner and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien.

  4. Hezbollah has released a video of its own elite special forces unit, Ridwan, to demonstrate the desire to brutally retaliate against Israel for striking Hezbollah positions near Damascus. The video includes the verse from the Old Testament “An Eye for an Eye”, also known as the verse of retaliation: "…an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an arm for an arm, a leg for a leg, burning for burning, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.” Video also shows Hezbollah soldiers shooting at mock Zionist targets.

  5. Egyptian security forces arrested the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Ezzat. He is accused of supervising the management of terrorist & sabotage operations committed by the international organization.

  6. The situation in East Ladakh continues to remain tense. The Indian Army is matching the heavy weapon posturing of the China’s PLA Army. India deployed heavy artillery south of Pangong Tso & Rezang La.

  7. Chinese state-sponsored media mouthpiece “Global Times” threatens India with war, says India cannot win against China even with US support. The same outlet has threatened Taiwan with a military invasion.

  8. Joshua Wong, one of Hong Kong’s best-known pro-democracy campaigners, expects to be arrested at any moment and fears disappearing into a secret jail across the border in mainland China. “My arrest seems to be a matter of timing. Time is running out on my personal safety,” Wong stated. “Once they arrest me… I might be extradited to China immediately,” he added. The prediction of his imminent arrest came as it emerged that on Thursday Communist Chinese Coast Guard had rounded up another activist, Andy Li, as he tried to escape in a speedboat to Taiwan to seek asylum. Beijing’s Coast Guard arrested at least ten Hong Kongers who tried to escape the city to Taiwan.

  9. Turkish company Roketsan tested a TRLG-230 laser-guided missile (guided by a Bayraktar TB2 UAV) at a range of 70 km.

  10. The 31st Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Hellenic Army on August 26th held an exercise for offensive and aggressive operations against a potential enemy. The Hellenic Army is preparing for a possibly war scenario against Turkey. The 50th Motorized Infantry Brigade held an exercise of examined procedures and techniques for conducting offensive operations.

  11. Tanks were sent to the Belarusian capital of Minsk as protests against the election results continue. Russia has given the green light to send a special unit of law enforcement to support the government.

  12. Shinzo Abe officially announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Japan for health reasons and expressed regret that it was not possible to sign a peace treaty (following the results of World War II) with Russia.

  13. A gas pipeline exploded on the northern slope of Yichang, Hubei province.

  14. Chinese Ministry of Defense has published footage of flights of carrier-based fighters J-15 (clone Su-33) from the squadron of the aircraft carrier “Liaoning” (former Russian Riga/Varyag) of the PLA Navy.

  15. China Airlines’ Boeing 747-409 (F) cargo plane (B-18725) flight CI5198 bound for Los Angeles returned to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport after the pilot was told the aircraft had blown a tire during takeoff and pieces of rubber had been found on the runway.

  16. Other than Kailash Mansarovar, new missile sites have come up in Shigatse that border Nepal, Bhutan, the Indian state of Sikkim, and Nyingchi opposite Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet). New sites are typical SAMs HongQi-9 (HQ-9) with six support radars for target acquisition and engagement. Images indicate that this is a surface-to-air missile site with a HQ-9 SAM system under tarpaulin covers. Deployment pattern: four platforms for either four or eight SAM transporter erector launchers (TELs) with three radar ramps.

  17. Scientists see downsides to top COVID-19 vaccines from Russia and China. COVID-19 vaccines developed in Russia and China share a potential shortcoming: They are based on a common cold virus. CanSino Biologics’ vaccine, approved for military use in China, is a modified form of adenovirus type 5, or Ad5. A vaccine developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute, approved in Russia earlier this month despite limited testing, is based on Ad5 and a second less common adenovirus. But many people already have antibodies against Ad5, which could cause the immune system to attack the vector instead of responding to the coronavirus. High doses of the Ad5 vector in the CanSino vaccine could induce fever, fueling vaccine skepticism. Some scientists also worry an Ad5-based vaccine could increase chances of contracting HIV.

  18. Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Su-27 “intercepted” four reconnaissance aircraft from the United States, Germany, Sweden and Denmark in the Baltic.

  19. NATO announced the violation of Danish airspace by a Russian fighter. The US Air Force B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 fighter jet in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. The interception occurred when an American aircraft was approaching Danish airspace near Bornholm Island. The Russian Su-27, flying from Kaliningrad, followed the B-52H into Danish airspace, significantly violating NATO airspace.

  20. Interpol has stopped international persecution of Russian company Concord Management and Consulting and its chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. “After the victory in the US court, Concord Management and Consulting and Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin appealed to Interpol with a demand to stop the international persecution. Today, documents were received that Interpol had stopped this persecution since August 28,” the company said in a statement.

  21. The U.S. Army will hold live-fire drills about 70 miles from the Russian border over the next 10 days, Pentagon officials said as they announced another show of force on Moscow’s doorstep.

  22. Approximately 70 Soldiers from the FAB 1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment arrived in Estonia to conduct an exercise. U.S. Army Europe’s 41st Field Artillery Brigade will deploy a battery of multiple launch rocket systems for exercise Rail Gunner Rush Sept. 1-10.

  23. A U.S. Navy E-2C Hawkeye crashed during a training flight in Virginia near Wallops Island. All four crew members have been found alive.

  24. Ships and aircraft from ten nations participating in the Rim of the Pacific exercise sank the former amphibious cargo ship in a dramatic live-fire exercise Aug. 30, according to Navy releases.

  25. Decommissioned Navy warship blasted and sunk in Pacific exercise. Ships and aircraft from ten nations participating the exercise sank the amphibious cargo ship in a live-fire exercise. Durham, a Charleston-class amphibious cargo ship, entered service in 1969 and was decommissioned after 24 years in 1994. The 575-foot, 10-ton ship, which deployed in support of the Vietnam and Gulf War conflicts, was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in 2015, and has since awaited disposal at the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility. The sinking exercises, or SINKEX, with former U.S. Navy warships are a regular part of RIMPAC, the world’s largest biennial international maritime warfare exercise. This year, the exercise involved ten nations, 22 ships, one submarine, and approximately 5,300 personnel. It was held Aug.17-31 near the Hawaiian Islands.

  26. Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet. The FAA approval will give Amazon broad privileges to “safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers.”

  27. Airlines are struggling through their worst crisis since the first commercial service began flying passengers just over 100 years ago as American Airlines said it would cut 19,000 jobs, Qantas announced it would shed thousands of employees, and Norwegian Air Shuttle warned it needed another rescue package.

  28. Alleged Portland shooter was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot. The man being investigated by police in the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland identifies as Antifa and is an ardent Black Lives Matter supporter.

‘Shoot On-Site’: Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI

Just a thought:

The “vaccine” they’re working on is going to literally alter our RNA genetic sequence, and will be “multigenerational”, as in, we’d be passing on this Frankenstein DNA to out offspring.

Knowing that the elite are a bunch of occultic religious fanatics who believe they can be exonerated from the karmic ramifications of their actions, (usually they do this by telling us EXACTLY what they will do to us, via predictive programming in movies etc) it’s not entirely unlikely that they believe that as we will mo longer be “human” at the genetic level, there is no cosmic law against killing us.

They honestly believe that God won’t be able to punish them because it’s no longer His creation they’re fucking with.

Also, it makes them “god” in their own fucked up religion, as they will have created a new type of human.

I know not everyone puts a religious spin on these things, but unfortunately THEY DO, and that’s what we need to realise.


Tensions heating up between South LA sheriffs and locals after Police shooting of a black man

We wll be doing a Workshop on Extreme Weather in Abracadabra.

Today at 1pm Eastern Time

Asteroid 2011 ES4 will pass closest on September 1 | Space | EarthSky


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Fire data map

The report looks at the CCP’s methods of coercive diplomacy under eight categories: arbitrary detention, restrictions on official travel, investment restrictions, trade restrictions, tourism restrictions, popular boycotts, pressure on specific companies, and state-issued threats.

The most common method used by the CCP against foreign governments has been state-issued threats. Warnings of ‘countermeasures’, ‘retaliation’, ‘pain’ and ‘the right to further react’ made by Chinese diplomats, embassies, ministries and state-run media have become all too familiar. The issuing of such threats is the quickest and most cost-effective form of coercive diplomacy and carries the lowest risk to the CCP’s own interests, making it ideal to deploy immediately to address state conduct it wants to stop.

:singapore: Singapore battles record dengue outbreak with more mosquitoes

From the high balcony of a Singapore public housing block, an environment official steadies his mosquito launcher, the latest contraption authorities have devised to combat a record outbreak of the tropical disease dengue.

With the click of a button and a whirr of a fan, a hatch opens and 150 lab-reared male mosquitoes are sent flying, off in search of a female companion with whom they can mate but not reproduce.

The dengue virus, which in rare cases can be fatal, is carried and spread to humans by infected mosquitoes.

But Singapore’s specially bred mosquitoes carry a bacteria that prevents eggs from hatching, and “compete with the wild type,” leading to “a gradual reduction of the mosquito population”

Singapore - a tiny Southeast Asian island nation of 5.7 million people - has recorded more than 26,000 dengue cases this year, surpassing the previous annual record of around 22,000 in 2013 with four months still remaining.

Twenty people have died of the disease this year, which can cause extreme fever that leads to internal bleeding and shock. By comparison, only 27 people have died of the coronavirus in the city-state out of more than 56,000 infections.