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Make cooperative allegiances with other people in power.

Fuck what my dad has been doing. It kinda made this place a hellhole for like 90% of our country. Law and order. Provide opportunities and security for my people

(I know he gave away lots to make the people love him/dependent)

Start a war with Pops? Uh-oh… lol

:ru: # RUSSIA :belarus: # BELARUS
:zap:Putin announced his readiness to help the Belarusian dictator: “Alexander Grigorievich asked me to form certain reserve of law enforcement officers. And I did it"

:black_small_square: “We will not allow the collapse of national currency. If people want to buy dollars — please! ", Lukashenko said
There are no dollars or euros in Belarusian banks…
:zap:Belarus to hold talks with Russia on refinancing of $1 billion of debt, Lukashenko said

:black_small_square:A vegetarian ‘revolution’ continues in Minsk: several dozen girls stood up in a chain with their hands tied near the Red Church
:zap:Mass arrests of protesters are taking place on Independence Square in center of Minsk, more than 200 people have been detained today

:zap::poland: Armored vehicles of Belarusian Armed Forces are deployed on the border with Poland near Bruzgi border crossing
:black_small_square:Cadets of the Military Academy of Belarus Ministry of Defense continue tank training


:question:Is there a chance of success for the :fu: “vegetarian revolution” in Belarus - or not?

@Insider20 I want to hear your thoughts

On card

Many lessons can be learned in how Lukashenko fucked up


In Russia, all drugs are managed exclusively by Kremlin and Foreign Ministry
Everyone knows this very well, and for a long time
Drugs are transported from Argentina (and not only from Argantina) by diplomatic planes of the presidential squadron
Therefore having before eyes domestic example, I don’t believe that drug lords capable of good deeds… and vice versa - drug business doesn’t contribute to revolutions, only enslavement

Gesaffelstein - “Hate or Glory” (Official Music Video)

How did Zeus :arrow_up: in “Hate or Glory” fuck up? What did he do wrong that is addressed in the Dictators handbook?

That is correct

You guys ever seen Russian cocaine

All Argentinean

They put polar bears on the kilos

There are enough examples.
… Scandal in Argentina, where half a ton of cocaine was arrested. Before this arrest, for several years, cocaine was successfully delivered to Russia by the aircraft of the presidential squadron.
… The authorities of the West African Republic of Cape Verde detained 11 Russian sailors from the Panamanian cargo ship ESER, on board of which a record consignment of cocaine weighing 9.5 tons was discovered.
… In St. Petersburg from Ecuador, cocaine was transported by ships along with frozen fish. After it became known, authorities were necessary to urgently reform the customs.
… In Belgium, a large batch of coke in briquettes with the logo of the ruling “United Russia” party was completely arrested









Does the CIA not care about competition in such a lucrative market? :joy:

But seriously

Back to the topic

During a societal collapse

Many Pablos might rise near the border states

Trying to siege power

How would you defend yourself and your family?

In Lawless America?

In lawless America? That’s a different question. Card says Mexico. But you’d still need to create keys with whatever resources you have available which would mean determining what resources you have that others would view as treasure. In a state of chaos, that would be a means for sustaining order. In a GSM, that would be food. In a drought, water. In a disaster zone, power, food, water, and shelter. In a supply chain collapse, the means to produce or access to goods.

In the show Jericho, that meant a salt mine…

Wow. That is. Hmm. Let me think again

It would mean taking the thing that everyone needs most, whatever it happens to be in the given scenario, and creating an access monopoly around it.

And then you’d have to dole it out to keep your keys happy and keep their keys happy.

There is cocaine, but there is no revolution :grin::joy:

Stalin and Lenin robbed banks Lol

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Find the provider of an in-demand resource (like they did in mexico with avocado farmers, or in Jericho would be the salt mine) and make a deal with them to provide protection from looters in exchange for a share of the profits.

It doesn’t look like he kept his keys happy. He either had too many or didn’t share enough of the treasure with them.

Meanwhile in America…

Here is an Occam’s Razor

Pandemic wiping the world, taking out aging world leaders will open a path to rebuild a better society

But then we have this (see video above :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:)