Peta how long does that increase the shelf life?

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Peta how long does that increase the shelf life?

I would imagine years

Yes, plasters, bandage, ibuprophen, acetaminophen, surgical iodine, isopropyl alcohol, antihistamines, saline,
Daily we are all taking now 3000IU Vit D3, Sodium Ascorbate to bowel tolerance and zinc. I’ve bought a lot of Lypospheric Vit C for if we get sick so I can get the Vit C blood serum levels up as high as IV infusions.

Frozen raw eggs last about a year. So I’m risking losing them if the freezer goes off. But I think even with 25% of the population sick and not working the Govt will strive to keep the power on. So it’s a gamble. But eggs in shells only last 4-6 weeks I think.

Smart very smart

I’m gonna try it then bake a cake to see if the taste is different

Omg I have sooo much milk powder. Like… forty bags and the stuff lasts forever.

Each bag makes 8 litres. I’m going to use it with oatmeal and dried fruit.

Okay so raw eggs thawed are used the same as fresh. You can do everything the same, except separate yolk from the white. Apparently they don’t separate well.

Gang we are all bugging out at Petas

It’s settled

She prepared for all of us

Ha ha…

Not sure you’ll find me

Not that I’ve ever used it

Will make a nice bang sound if needed

I have two special needs adults here. My husband, whose a throat cancer survivor and a 16 year old daughter.

I’m buggered if this bastard virus is going to cause us grief.

Good good

Salt… lots of iodised salt.

Split pea soups.

Meanwhile… there’s not been a single case of COVID19 in my country.

So I may have just turned all my savings into food and supplies unecessarily.

I’ve pulled my daughter out of school. My special needs adults out of their community activities.

Husband has been given hand sanitiser for in the truck…

What’s the mask situation

He has very limited contact with ppl as he’s rural haulage. Out to farms collecting stock, often the farmer isn’t there, stock dropped off at the freezing works. So he can go a whole day and maybe speak to one person face to face

Three boxes of N95 masks. They were expensive. $250 each box!!

And only will be used for when one adult has to leave the house. Hopefully will last.

I got a full face visor helmet

But didn’t like the short visor so replaced it with thick plastic

250 damn

I’m glad you see all set

How are you set?

Organised better than me I’m guessing

I’ll post soon

Translating at the moment

How does my name show here?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use my full name so not worried

Brilliant… that ain’t anyone anyone could find :hugs::hugs:

Like socks for goodness sakes. Imagine socks costing ten times what they do now and imagine trying to get through winter and no new socks. Just what you have now lol.

I got to go to bed