People In New Jersey Refuse To Be Locked-Down..."We Ain't Going No Where"

People In New Jersey Refuse To Be Locked-Down…“We Ain’t Going No Where”

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what a dumb ass… smh. I wish people would wake up.

They’re just making it easier for medical martial law to be implemented. Smh

:us:請注意,國民警衛隊都沒有戴著口罩:mask:,因為醫院短缺。 部隊都會被感染 :microbe:

:us: Обратите внимание, что никто из Национальной гвардии не носит лицевых масок :mask:, потому что больницы испытывают нехватку. Все войска будут заражены :microbe:

:us: Notice that none of the National Guard are wearing face masks :mask: because hospitals have shortages. The troops are all going to be infected :microbe:

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Tragedy: on March 10th, Ms. Qu of Nanchong, Sichuan province, after leaving a note, strapped her 7 year old daughter to herself and jumped into the Jialing river. On March 20th, her body was retrieved out of the river, with the little girl still strapped to her.

Ms. Qu was already leading a harsh life before the COVID-19 pandemic, with the disease crisis their life became unbearable. Completely lost her will to live, but unable to leave her daughter alone, she had to resort to this tragic way.

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What are they chanting in the last part of the video?

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FIRST NEGATIVE TEST FOR MY SISTER!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: