People can leave "digital trails" wherever they go


健康碼 中共監控 大數據

People can leave “digital trails” wherever they go

Health Code CPC Monitoring Big Data

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What is cpc

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comm party china aka ccp chinese comm party

My wifes cousin is an Xray technician in white plains, NY two days ago he started having fever at work after a small cough. He said the bones in his hand hurts from the fever. the next day he was a littlr better and now he feels sick but not to bad. Now his wife and his 3 year old son have a fever. the wife says also her bones hurt, the son is coughing in a weezing manner. The mom said its the worst cough she ahs heard like he cant breath. I am so worried for them!! please send thoughts and prayers. It sounds like sars-cov2 but i pray it is not

is that you!!! crazy love that

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:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:can they get tested?

they have no health insurance

They should still be able to get tested since it’s a public health issue

He’s an XRay technician and his work doesn’t offer health insurance?!?