Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act - Wikipedia

Check date 19.12.2019

⤺ reposted by @CryptoCocktailChris from 🤔 What is "the mist" they spray in China?

Date was 2006

Aries thoughts about it?

Sorry my fault :slight_smile:

Need to stop the spread of misinformation in this group

Only one misinformation from me rest is worth reading

Just in general in this group lately

Agree :slight_smile:

Today when have more time will check movies by putting them to Google and see what is similar and what is their description if something will be false will inform here

:+1:t3: quality over quantity

This seems like fear mongering vs useful info

If you read the article it states I will only make a “close approach”

Aaaand the panic hoarding has started in Norway.
At least I finally can say “I told you so!”!

So heartbreaking trying to help loved ones and they are drinking the koolaid the news and WHO and CDC stories going around :flushed:

Yeah, I still get replies like that.
People are starting to come around here now.
I guess it feels more real when we went from 1 to 48 cases in just a few days

We all want to inform and tell us that we are crazy

y’all getting clapped soo easily

They’re treating us crazy

Y son ignorantes

And they’re ignorant

Sheep-ery abounds and the 5G and Nano stuff gets me angry now

Hey guys! Anyone in the Bay Area know where to buy masks? Home Depot and Sherman Williams have been out the last few times I’ve checked :frowning:

DIY it for now

We will keep trying to save as many that will open their eyes :innocent: