Out-of-work pilots retrain as machinery operators for WA grain harvest

Or stop being illiterate

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interesting…but do not trust abc news…they are the government

abc used to be ok years ago…but they they were corrupted 10 years ago

Government isn’t bad but people get corrupt

but yes agree…people need to learn how to change

hmm…dont know about that…

Guys focus on the lesson

Not rabbit holes

What did Cooper do in Interstellar after being a Pilot

You guys let the most important lessons pass you by

Because you focus on politics

What is Professor Toffler warning :warning: all of you

Technorealism, Alvin Toffler, and the Forgotten Third Wave

Future Shock Documentary (1972) [video]

not sure…but it cant be good

You need to change your mentality

If you want to survive this century

The Good Ol Days are gone

ohh shit yeah

Adapt, Relearn, Overcome

Indeed. Poof gone. We can only dream about it now.

this earth died officially at the start of corona

Gold skills led me here😉
:gem:Per aspera ad astra​:gem:

AI In 1970s. Wow.

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. An awesome synopsis of Interstellar. 8 minute read.

Love is the key. And we are the future humans working to assist the current humans to get off planet to survive. :+1::clap::trophy: