Oregon Police Beg Public to Stop Calling In False Reports Blaming Antifa for Wildfires

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Law enforcement is now calling it an active event. Terrorism. Didn’t mention by who. I was surprised to see it out there. It was fire awhile ago tonight then it changed the Event.

Well it’s 9/11 in NY let’s see how this day goes

19 years ago the majority of GWOT Veterans were in High School, enlisted/ing or cadets at a Senior/Service Military Academy.

19 years later they are now partaking in an Invisible War around the world and leading this war

Some of you know it as GWOHT


Red vs Blue/Green/Gold

Some of you call it

Black Hats vs White Hats

What does that stand for?

Global War On Terror

Ahh thanks

And Global War On Human Traffickers

:jordan: #JORDAN
:fire: The series of explosions occurred at an ammunition depot at a military base on the outskirts of the city Ez-Zarqah, where, according to official version, unusable mortar shells were stored.
The desert area where explosions took place houses several major US-equipped army bases including an airfield built in 2018
:exclamation:An army source said Reuters on condition of anonymity that some of the weapons at the site were precision-guided anti-aircraft missiles.

:jordan: #ИОРДАНИЯ
:fire: Серия взрывов произошла на складе боеприпасов на военной базе на окраине города Эз-Зарка, где, по официальной версии, хранились непригодные для использования минометные снаряды.
В пустынной зоне, где произошли взрывы, находится несколько крупных армейских баз, оборудованных США, в том числе аэродром, построенный в 2018.
:exclamation:Высокопоставленный источник в армии сообщил Reuters на условиях анонимности, что часть оружия на объекте представляла собой зенитные ракеты с высокоточным наведением.

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Oh yeah likes its a causal evening just random things blowing up.

Every day as something new happens I just want to:

Keep stocking up do not stop

Return of race superiority in government policies growing exponentially

trouble growing/brewing

Whites and Asians bring disproportionately targeted :dart:

Israeli PM Netanyhau will arrive in the united states next week

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What Open Eyes / Solomon Syndrome :eyes: is like.

What a cute miracle! :cat::grin: :+1:

I couldn’t lay down my tomcat even when he still could not walk, in child :joy:
He always trying to escape somewhere

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