or pick up

or pick up

⤺ reposted by @SteveGoodCEO from They are literally telling people not to wear a face mask.


Was fake/ removing CCP propaganda

#國際 紐約法拉盛華人區,開搶~🥵

国际 Flushing Chinese District, New York, open grab ~ :hot_face:

#中共國 :anger::anger::exclamation:在武汉疫区,夫妻两在家看电视时,发现对面楼的邻居家在收尸。他们录下了这一段儿。这不是第一次。

中共 国 :anger::anger::exclamation: In the epidemic area in Wuhan, when the couple watched TV at home, they found that the neighbor’s house in the opposite building was collecting corpses. They recorded this passage. This is not the first time.