Optics Matter (Implant me Elon!!!!)

Optics Matter (Implant me Elon!!!)

Give me that 5G microchip yummy goodness

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I trust neither :joy:


One is a Knucklehead

The other is not

Choose your poison :skull_and_crossbones:

You mean to tell me you won’t trust a Blue Wizard who keeps dropping hits like this

I’m just busting your chops

But really try to understand the real reason some in the west try to make you hate 5G (certain people)


You have to break down the conspiracies

And mobilizing useful idiots

Is one tactic Elites/ Wizards :mage:‍♂ use

On an adversary



I know, been on here long enough :wink:

Home-Made Covid Vaccine Appeared to Work, but Questions Remained


Just wow…

Anomaly appears in Bangkok again.


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