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⤺ reposted by @Bitcoin_beau from NZ Intelligence agency(s) have been advertising vacancies on local TV and Radio stations for the last two or three days. This is extremely unusual and has never happened before (that I know of).

Great catch guys


I heard it last night and immediately thought of this chat

I think of this all the time. Like today found in my opinion a badass podcast. Here is episode 3 as im currently listening to it. But so far it’s been pretty simple

Why won’t we watch horror movies

@miette057 @AriesAzazel cool if i post link for a collapse podcast?

Listen to “Episode 3: Energy” on Stitcher

This is episode 3,but honestly enjoying it. This one was talking about roi on oil. Well eroi

Breaking down,on the stitcher app…dude breaks the idea of collapse all the way down to like a 5th grade level. This one was about oil and eroi. Energy return on investment. I guess in like the 30s

1 barrel of oil used would produce 100.

1970s was 40 to 1

1990s was 20 to 1

2010 was 10 to 1.

So he says why we might not run out of oil,at a point it doesnt become eroi to get it. And i believe that,as you look at current oil prices

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