Ooh...nice belly

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Ooh…nice belly

Ticking time bomb



The white Boeing 737 with a red stripe down the fuselage refers to the fleet of aircraft known as the “Janet Fleet,” because they use the call sign “Janet” in civilian airspace. This fleet of aircraft are operated by the Special Project Division of the EG&G company; the company’s logo provides the backdrop for the smiling aircraft shown in the patch. The purpose of the Janet Fleet is to shuttle military and civilian workers to and from their jobs at secret military bases such as the Tonopah Test Range and Groom Lake. The Janet Fleet’s headquarters is a terminal called “Gold Coast” at Las Vegas’ McCarren Airport.


Clues on what really happened

Take notice, even China’s mainland populations knows the truth.


The mysterious conspiracy behind the American fire, Nikola Tesla’s dead-light weapon came out again! Alien weapons control the US election! Signs of the end come to California! Who lit the American fire?

Damn she is super woke :arrow_up:

It’s fascinating that the Chinese Nationals know more about Saddam Hussein’s Stargate then Americans do.

We should direct focus more on preps and less on the occult.

China is a “paper tiger”

Ready since 2016

And paper tigers :tiger: with Direct Energy Weapons are impressive in my book.

Very impressive

Analysis of the threat is prep and the weapons are applied science.

Fairly certain if the DoD feels the need to address the nation about it in order to clearly define the threat, it’s fairly relevant, no?

I mean, it’s only burning up an entire third of our country. But NBD. Paper tiger. Nothing to see here, folks.

Not really. Back in January @AriesAzazel had us thinking covid would causes every oyher person in the street to drop dead.

And it did in China

And other places

Lol in the states too

Just because you don’t see the videos does not mean the EOD request are not honored

You have minutes to grab it

Before it’s scrubbed

With respect, I think I have gone as far as I can. Dislike the mission of this group.

Time for me to depart and focus on my community and not this fake m cult.

Would you prefer it would have? You sound upset that that did not occur. I’m pleased we had the infrastructure to deal with the threat, unlike other places.

We made 2 documentaries on people simply dropping in the streets

Be well

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I’m sorry… what?!

I’m at my cult steak dinner now
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Sigh. It’s tough. People love to shoot the messenger. :roll_eyes:

2+2 does not equal purple monkey trampoline in llama waffle pants, last I checked. Might want to check your work. YMMV. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes pushing for individual self improvement is a cultish thing you know