One fell on the way back to work


One fell on the way back to work

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This happened in London the other day in front of me

Not sure if it was the virus though

Probably heart attack

Heart diseases are leading cause of death

Yeah possible

At this level anything is possible


Also line up for pepper soup in epidemics

Americans will sacrifice themselves for a paycheck. We will infect and reinfect each other, over and over again for money.

Another one has fallen

洛杉矶医院治疗美国唯一一名新冠肺炎重症患者的医生、护士的装备,近距离接触时戴了一个可过滤空气的正压面罩,身着普通医用外套,并没有把自己全身密封起来。中国是连执法人员都要穿全身封闭的防护服,更不要说医生、护士了。滥用防护服,和滥用口罩一样,不仅会挤兑资源,还会成为污染源。 (方舟子)

The equipment of the Los Angeles Hospital’s doctors and nurses who are the only patients with severe neonatal pneumonia in the United States. When they were in close contact, they wore a positive air-filtering face mask and a normal medical coat. In China, even law enforcement officers must wear protective clothing that is completely enclosed, let alone doctors and nurses. The abuse of protective clothing, like the abuse of masks, will not only run resources, but also become a source of pollution. (Fang Zhouzi)

Where is this photo

In Hong Kong?

The one above is Los Angeles

Monitor is in English


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