On the lighter side

On the lighter side

⤺ reposted by @MAGA1776 from Would be interesting to see the build up to that short clip. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong but what happened prior to that to cause him to shoot the first person.


Should of joined the military not play Boogaloo

The most tragic part is he killed 2 people protecting a gas station :fuelpump: when we have ships that can take us to the moon in a hour

Fight the ones that restrict the technology, and enslave you. Stop killing each other over Divide and Conquer tactics these BLACK HATS implement upon you every 4 years.

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Yes he’s a Wizard and a Grand Wizard at it too.

Yes he was a Wizard and was a Grand Wizard also. :mage:‍♂

This Australian Special Forces Veteran is going to save our country. This is how.
You seriously must watch this now!